Property Management App

Why go conventional? Give your customers the new age service experience.

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The Solution is Packaged With

Progressive Web App for Customers

A user friendly and smart Instant app to offer to your customers to be able to access all the information, amenities and services and pay for the same. Also works as the integrated Smart Home (IoT) Control Center

Administration Portal

Manage all your Properties, Services, Amenities and Billing. Update any information to be shared with your customers and publish in real-time and hasslefree.

Why US?

  • Property Management business owners are empowered with professional ready solution to centrally and digitally manage end-to-end business.
  • The customer focused Progressive Web App provides customer with improved service experience anytime.
  • The Admin console helps the business owner to offer, track and provide better services to the customers with improved visibility and business insight.

Customer APP

My Account

Your account Info Add, update and manage your information easily any time. Configure and manage your apartment and parking slot information

Smart Home (IoT)

Your smart home controller Configure and manage all your smart home devices at ease and enjoy blissful life with your loved ones

Payment Hub

Pay for requested services All your payments against all consumed or requested services for apartments at your fingertips

Information Center

Your information hub Access various information like, upcoming events, local news, Rules & Regulations etc. any time on the go.

Food & Spa Service

Pamper your senses Browse food and Spa service menu from in-campus providers and order online. Also, track your order and get it delivered at your doorstep

Utility Service Booking

Book utility service super easy Book various utility services online any-time without hassle from your apartment

Valet Parking Service

Put valet parking request Put a valet parking request whenever you need it

Online Groceries

Groceries at your doorstep Your Online store for groceries need. Browse, order and get it delivered effortlessly. You can also track your order till delivery.

Admin Portal

Manage User

Manage user access Create and manage user along with user access permissions to as per your organization structure.

Manage Property

Your property manager Add, update and manage all your properties along with Customer information associated with each property.

Manage Services

Your service request manager Add, update service listing and manage all service requests and track the service status effortlessly.

Manage Products

Your product store manager Add and update product list categorically in your online store and publish instantly for your customers to browse through.

Manage Order

Your order delivery manager View, update and track all your received order till delivery. Track payments for all orders at the same time.

Dashboard & Analytics

Your business insight Infographic Dashboard and analytical data gives you power to understand your business status and help you to drive growth

Key Features of Property Management System

User friendly online service request facility for customers

Single integrated platform for controlling all smart home devices

Improved Customer Experience

Centrally managed Properties, Amenities, Services and Customer requests

Centrally managed sellable products, customer orders and billing

Greater Business transparency and visibility of Business Insight

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