Order & Delivery Management Solution

A futuristic solution that consolidates a Progressive Web App based ordering interface and a Native App-based delivery operation into a single platform. The customizability and applicability make the solution suitable for any consumer focused business.

We Add Value...

  • User-friendly Ordering Interface
  • Convenient Delivery Choice
  • Seamless Order Management
  • Zero-Contact Delivery and Live Tracking
  • Personalized Customer Engagement

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Order & Delivery Solution : Improve Ordering Experience & Reach Your Customers Doorstep.

Right Tool For Right People

internet of things companies
  • Progressive Web App ordering Interface
  • No download or installation
  • Browser-based access and “add to home screen”
  • Browse product by category or keyword
  • Place an order with preferred delivery date & time
  • Multiple payment options (Optional)
  • GPS enabled live tracking of delivery
  • Order History available for review
internet of things companies
  • Native App driven operation
  • Notification on a new assignment
  • Assignment acceptance using App
  • View order detail and a special note
  • View customer location on Map and Navigate
  • Completed assignment detail in the history
  • Proof of delivery and status update
  • Always updated with pending job status
internet of things companies
  • Web portal based operation management
  • Manage product catalog and detail remotely
  • Set prices, discounts, and add-ons for products
  • Easily create serviceable delivery zones
  • Create & assign Delivery Partner per zones
  • Manage all orders from a single dashboard
  • Track all assigned delivery on the map in real-time
  • Generate Business Reports and get insight

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