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Case Study – Online Teaching Platform Development

A SAAS based Online Teaching Platform Development with Interactive Online Live Classes and Fundraising Program

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The global e-learning market size was valued at $197.00 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $840.11 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 17.5% from 2021 to 2030.

The client had a requirement to develop a web based platform which would facilitate quick and easy communication for various kinds of educational professionals, to improve the educational opportunities for all students. This Online Teaching Platform will allow teachers, job shadowers, mentors as well as the schools and institutions to connect with each other, request and conduct virtual sessions for the students. Students can check the upcoming sessions and also request for a virtual teaching session. Teachers will have the opportunity to connect with other teachers and associate themselves with the schools . They can collaborate with virtual lessons and also share donation needs and receive them. DreamzTech has developed a SAAS based online teaching platform where teachers.mentors and job shadowers can register by selecting any subscription plans to conduct the virtual classes.

DreamzTech expert team developed a LMS and Virtual meeting platform to provide an option for Web-based LMS and virtual classroom learning. The LMS system has a feature to integrate with Zoom & Meet, as required apart from the existing inbuilt virtual class facility. Based on the client need, they can use Zoom or Meet.. Teachers, mentors, Job Shadowers can create sessions. They have a calendar view of the scheduled classes in the application. In the Cloud platform, users can connect with each other. They can send request for online live classes, association request with School and more. The system includes a Fundraising program to enable the schools and teachers to create a donation request. Payment Gateway is integrated with the system to introduce easy online payment options for fundraising.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of networking platform – During the pandemic situation, when all offline sessions were restricted, providing education became a challenge. All the educational professionals were unable to provide classes. They could not connect among each other. Due to the lack of a common networking platform to support online connectivity need among teachers and students, they could not communicate for learning purpose. This generated a need for creation of a common platform where the education related stakeholders can connect and share knowledge.
  • Unavailability of good teachers and mentors – Quality of education depends on various factors. Obviously, not all good teachers resides in the same location. Also social and financial status are major factors to avail quality education.. Prevailing offline education system cannot support availability of teaching from good teachers/mentors across locations and also required additional support were unavailable
  • High cost – It was expensive to attract, onboard, promote and recognize educators and students, in-person, in a offline mode
  • Lack of efficient tool – The educators required multiple tools to provide personalized education to the students virtually. For virtual classes, they were using generic market available tools like Zoom, Google meet etc which were discrete in nature and could not provide an integrated online Learning Management System for teachers. Once the sessions were created, they needed to save and invite using third party tools. It was difficult to share the invites with every stakeholders because everybody was not using same tool.
  • Lack of transparency – Transparency for Subscription plans and Fundraising program was unavailable in manual process
  • Non-existence of efficient communication tool – Non-existence of a secured yet convenient way to communicate within the teacher/student network online, while the offline mode is restricted

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The Solution

DreamzTech developed a cloud based SAAS Online Teaching Platform consists of Web-based LMS and Virtual Classroom Learning where the teachers, Mentors and Job shadowers register, conduct virtual classes and raise fund. The online teaching platform creates a network of educators where students can communicate with them and avail the best virtual classroom learning.

  • Subscription Process – Different subscription plans are setup for schools and teachers. User can select the subscription plan of their choice and make payment online monthly. Subscription plans depend on the supported features. For example, a free subscriber plan allows to associate with only one school whereas for the upgraded subscription plans, subscribers can associate themselves up to 6 schools. Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans anytime easily. They can also unregister from the network when they wish. Subscriptions can be shared with other associates
  • Schedule Training Session and invite – Individual educators can create sessions for their online live classes. On scheduling, they can send invites to relevant students. The educator users like Teacher, Mentor, Job Shadower can also accept a session requested by a student and can start a virtual class on demand with this online teaching platform
  • Virtual Classes and secured Chatting – The associated individuals within this platform are able to communicate through online chat 24/7 within the platform. This helps the users to carry out personalized communication for any query
  • Connect & Associate with others in Network – Institutions and individual educators can be associated among themselves to promote collaborative services. The students and educators are also able to get associated to build an ever growing educational network. Individual educators can create their own addressbook of students contact and also can share the same with associated institutions. The system provides the facility for students to fill up feedback forms. This helps everyone to have an idea about a teacher before joining the class. This also helps in building up a credential for a school or a teacher
  • Donation & Fund Raising- Educators can raise fund in the form of donations from other educators, sponsors and other donors to continue their services towards the mission of free education to students. This custom built online teaching platform also includes a facility for fundraising to support free educational services. The donors receives receipt on completion of their donation.
  • Privacy Policy- Once a registered user of the platform, unregisters themselves, all the corresponding user associations are removed automatically and subsequent action on the related data is executed according to the data privacy policy and SLA. This online teaching platform is taking care of every security and privacy aspects. It also maintains all the compliances for payment processes and other transactions
  • Technology-

    Back End : Php Laravel, Node JS,

    Front End : jQuery, HTML5, CSS3,

    Database : My Sql

  • Tools: CometChat, Stripe, Google Recaptcha, Opentok/Vonage, Firebase, AWS, Redis


DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop this time sensitive application with the client to provide a cutting edge LMS system within available budget. This was an urgent need of the hour during the pandemic. During their digital transformation journey, the client sought support from DreamzTech, with expertise in the areas of new-age technology and business consulting. This solution led to significant increase in revenue and business network portfolio for the Educators.

Here are a list of benefits achieved :

Single platform for All Educators
The SAAS based cloud solution creates a common online teaching platform for all educators, Schools, Trainers and Students. They can communicate with each other easily and stakeholders are benefited with such an innovative solution. Teachers can associate themselves with the school in just one click and can create sessions for online teaching. Students can join the specialised classes via virtual classroom


Consolidated Reports
The Admin section within the Application has graphically represented dashboard and reports which are easily available. These reports provide important insight on the overall performance like total number of registration, revenue earned from subscription and donation. These helps the management in future planning.


Recurring Revenue
The system has a simple online payment system. Educators are registering with different monthly subscription plans. Schools and teachers are using online fundraising platforms to receive donations. This increases the recurring revenue for the platform owner(the client)


Increased Donation via online fundraising
It is easy to define an Online Fundraising request within the platform. With the implemented simple online payment methods to accept donations, the users are happy to donate easily.


Increased Number Of Registration
DreamzTech team developed the platform to support maximum traffic simultaneously. It is a scalable solution which resulted in increasing number of registration from teachers, students and schools every day.

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