We have helped nonprofit organizations in managing their operations smoothly with myriad technical solutions which helps them from day to day operations to global business deals.

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By now, it's evident that technology is by far a crucial piece of any nonprofit’s operations. From day-to-day operations to managing expansive fundraising campaigns and multifaceted donor stewardship programs, nonprofit technology solution is one of the pillars of the business.

Contact Management Solutions

Missionary contact management solutions, which help store contacts of potential donors and other important personnel. Create events or missionary gatherings, invite contacts and check contacts who were present. All data are synchronized with the ERP system periodically.

Fundraising Solution

The solution streamlines fundraising by integrating several processes, communications, and data into one fundraising solution. Connect your organization and ensure your team has access to all information they need with several tools like communication tools, dashboards, and analytics, etc.

Collaborative Staff Workspace

DreamzTech developed a cloud-based collaborative staff workspace solution, where users can collaborate and work on a different project. Create and share notes, to-do’s, set timeline, upload documents, update to-do’s status, etc. The solution also allows users for peer-to-peer and group chat system.

Donation Management

DreamzTech developed allows users to create donation forms, accept donations online or record offline donations. Extensive reports and advanced filter makes it easy for admins to get deep insights. Multi-currency settings are supported so based on the country it will automatically convert and charge users if you want to go global.

Marketing and Engagement

DreamzTech developed a business collaborating and marketing tool for organizations, which enables users to create and send newsletters, campaign news, and updates, campaign scheduling. Sync with the contact management system and grouping them into several logical groups, users can target groups in their campaign scheduling. Campaign workflows can be automated by ordering content to be sent to groups in order.


Our ERP and CRM Solution provides complete operational oversight and detailed purchasing, order, inventory, sales pipeline, customer management, warehouse, accounting, multi-store, and vendor management. The consolidated reports and overall business insights help retailers to streamline their business operations, reduce overhead costs and improve customer relationship management.

Grant Solution


This application helps nonprofits streamline how collection and review of applications for grants, awards, and other programs are done. Grants and award applications process are simplified, workflows are automated to select the best candidates and faster. Use the application to form to be filled online, upload attachments, request of reference and payment processing. Repetitive task are automated, sends alerts and reminders, pre-screen applicants and many more.



Equity Crowdfunding Website Development

The client is a New York-based financial consultant for startups and small businesses. They are acclaimed for designing innovative ideas to attract investment and crowdfunding schemes that have helped businesses develop and grow in the last 15 years. One of their ideas was to develop an equity crowdfunding website that connects non-accredited and accredited investors with startups and emerging businesses listed on crowdfunding platforms across different industries. DreamzTech got the opportunity to enhance this platform by providing a feature-rich, user-intuitive and user engaging crowdfunding cum social networking website portal.
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Fundraising Management System

Today’s process of traditional fundraising entailed gathering financial help for a cause from individuals or organizations through a door to door campaign is very costly and unable to reach out to a large population in a short period of time while events are organized by utilizing the internet and all the social media platforms. Our client was a fundraising company who had an existing website for fundraising. The client wanted to bring all the fundraising organizations, sponsors and donors into a single platform. For this specific purpose, the client wanted us to redesign the existing website along with the introduction of some additional features. In order to connect all the stakeholders through a single website and increase the target audience and donation amount, they contacted us to restructure their existing site.
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Non-Profit CRM Solution

The client runs a non-profitable missionary where they try to involve as many as peoples to join for a goodwill cause and donate. But they lacked in managing and follow-up with the contacts(people information) along with monitoring the activities against the contacts they had gathered from the events and campaigns being conducted. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop a CRM system with an end-to-end solution so that they can manage the contacts and monitor the activities of engagements along with the follow-ups for the events. The system being developed is a digitized platform so that the contacts across the globe can be operated from anywhere.
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