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Case Study – Mobile Fuel Delivery Platform Development

DreamzTech develops a contactless and smart Mobile Fuel Delivery Software

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One of our clients in the U.S.A. wanted to introduce a Mobile Refuelling Platform to meet the pressing on-demand fuel delivery services. This was in line with the organization’s vision to be a game-changer in the fuel delivery business by enabling quick mobile fuel delivery to individuals at home or corporates at work.

Since DreamzTech has already carved a niche for itself as pioneers in developing award-winning RFID-enabled software solutions, the client approached our offshore team and consequently hired our expert services in a bid to develop a customized mobile refuelling platform.

Dreamztech Meets The Client’s Demands Efficiently & Effectively

The onshore-offshore project delivery model developed by our team of experts in the domain worked perfectly for the client. The Mobile Fuel Delivery platform we introduced is a combination of hardware and software programs working simultaneously to deliver a fuel on-demand service, catering to both individuals and organizations. The platform allows individuals and corporates to register on the platform and get a MT 125 RFID Tag which uniquely identifies their vehicles. Using the scheduling function, they can set up routine fill-ups as well as make ad-hoc requests.

Additionally, the platform automatically assigns the fuelling tasks to the nearest available Fuel Delivery Pilots. When the fuel tankers arrive they scan each RFID MT 125 Tags using RFID MT 123 Scanner on for validity and order details, including limits in case of a corporate user. The RFID MT 123 Scanners are fixed on the Dispenser Nozzle and the dispenser is enabled only after validation.

We provided a fillip to the industry as a whole

This path-breaking software definitely meets the need of the hour vis-a-vis the automotive fuel delivery system market. After all, this key sector was valued at USD 3.77 billion in 2021 and is expected to touch USD 5.29 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of above 5.8%. North America is poised to provide the maximum growth opportunities in the segment during the forecast period. According to our report, this region will contribute to 36% of the global market growth and is expected to dominate the market through the year 2025.

Taking Cognizance Of Industry Demands

During our journey to coming up with this path-breaking software development, we had to face, and overcome, several roadblocks along the way. Some of the major industry trends we took cognizance of included the following:

  • Importance of reducing Total Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) to Gas Stations

    Studies reveal that a gas station stop adds more than 20 minutes to each trip every time any vehicle stops for fuel. On top of that, gas station stops release an average of three pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere every month. It thus becomes essential to minimize the VMT to gas stations.

  • Record-keeping of the customer’s fulfilment

    A robust solution is the order of the day to keep track of all customer orders, activities and provide an overall better user experience.

  • Meeting the customer’s expectations

    Creating a new fuel delivery model that will live up to the customer’s expectations in terms of fuel quality, delivery service, timeliness and overall experience.

  • Providing a seamless and contactless delivery model

    During the pandemic, the world was looking for contactless services, including in the realm of fuel delivery.

  • In sync with the corporate demand

    Corporate customers expect the system to adhere to their corporate policy and comply with their guidelines.

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Salient Features Of Our Innovative & Cutting-edge Solution

The RFID-enabled Refuelling System designed, developed and implemented by DreamzTech comes with a Mobile App for customers to register and make fuelling requests. It keeps track of customer records, their membership and manages the order processing. The platform also offers eWallet to store virtual money and vouchers to be used for payments. It has configuration section for corporate users to set their identity management, fuelling limits and record orders, consumptions, and much more. It reduces fraudulent activities and facilitates implement better cost control for organizations.


The top-notch facilities provided by this one-of-a-kind platform can be encapsulated into:

  • Smart Membership Plan for Mobile Fuel Delivery

    A Monthly Subscription Model is created for users to register and request for on-demand fuel delivery. They can create recurring full ups on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule at any location within their serviceable area. Users can also cancel the subscription plan any time. The Stripe Payment Gateway is integrated for handling all kinds of payments transactions.

  • Effective corporate Fuel Delivery Plan for Employees

    Corporate customers can add vehicles for work. The management is allowed to create different categories of employees and allocate fuel budgets. Before fueling, RFID Tag of vehicle is scanned for their limits and available fuel quota which is then processed according to the order.

  • Fuel request on demand

    The customer can create a request for an on-demand mobile fuel delivery. It entails a simple OTP-based process to verify and proceed with a few mandatory details. The administration also can add request from admin web for customers who request for services over phone calls. Twilio SMS Gateway is integrated for SMS services. Users can book a slot for fuel delivery through their mobile app.

  • eWallet implementation for seamless payments

    Any individual can add money into the eWallet using a wide array of supported cards. This money can obviously be used for making payment for fuel delivery request. The E-wallet system replaces the Cash on Delivery (CoD) transactions and stores Proof of Delivery (PoD) through wallet transactions. It helps the user in making quick payments without any hassle. In the system, in any of the transactions the unused amounts are stored and secured in the wallet for future use.

  • Vouchers to further aid payments

    The App has an option to purchase vouchers with a unique code and share with others. Users can use the unique voucher code to make payments.

  • Delivery App with state-of-the-art features

    The Delivery Pilot can view the daily list of orders in the Android and iOS mobile fuel delivery app to deliver. Each order is complete with necessary information like booking code, full up date, time slot, customer name, delivery address, vehicles with full up amount, generator with full up amount, bill total and current status of the order. Chat and call functions are built in the App to aid smooth communication with the client. The Delivery Pilot updates the delivery status of each order once the delivery is completed. The billed amount is then auto deducted from the customer’s account. It also alerts the delivery partner to check and receive customer feedback in an image or video format. The digital signature of customer is also captured as Proof of Delivery.

  • GPS Tracking for smooth delivery

    The Delivery Pilot app has an integrated Google Map facility and uses GPS navigation for delivery. At the same time, the customer app has live-tracking option to check the movement of the fuel truck on map.

  • Referral program to boost networking

    A referral program is developed as a marketing strategy where users can refer others to earn digital cash which is added to their wallet on every successful referral. When a user shares their referral code to someone, it automatically triggers an e-mail invite with the referral code. When signed up successfully, the referral amount is added to user’s wallet.

  • Keep abreast with notifications

    Different notifications are sent over e-mail and SMS with regard to various actions such as registration, subscription, order creation, delivery status update, etc. The customers receive push notifications for the order request status change. The application user can tap on the bell icon to see the notifications on the mobile app.

  • Easy document management

    In the Delivery Pilot’s portal, the driver can view the list of provided documents such as Manuals, User Guides, etc. When a vehicle is registered, the system verifies the licence through a Licence validation API

  • Vital report on fuel usage

    A fuel usage report is available for customers. The corporates can keep track of each fueling. It provides a quick summary to the managers and effective reporting for the purpose of book-keeping.

  • RFID-enabled fuel delivery

    DreamzTech implemented RFID hardware integration with the system to create a RFID-enabled fuel delivery service platform. This RFID-powered system protects against fuel theft. This framework and RFID integration can also be used in RFID-based automated petrol pumps. RFID MT123 Fixed Reader hardware is attached at the dispenser fuel Nozzle and MT 125 RFID Tags are attached to the vehicles. The delivery pilot scans the RFID to validate the order details, the fuel limit, etc for corporate customers. The Delivery Pilot can only serve the actual fuel quantity and available units. For corporates, the entire process is cost-effective and the fuel spending statistics are easily available at their disposal.

  • Empowered with state-of-the-art technology

    Angular JS, PHP, MySQL DB, REST API, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Swift C for iOS and Java for Android, Google PWA

  • High on Tools and 3rd Party associations

    The platform is empowered with AWS Hosting, Amazon Cloudfront, Firebase, Google Maps API, Stripe Payment Gateway, Twilio SMS Gateway

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After implementation of the software, • Our client can seamlessly manage users and their orders for delivery. • It was the first step to ensure the popularity of online fuel delivery service. • Customers are benefitted through saving of time, availing of contactless fuelling service and reduction of VMT to gas stations.

We are proud to mention that our happy client is still reaping benefits galore thanks to our one-of-a-kind efforts:

Contactless Fuel Service
The integration of RFID helps the service provider to maintain a contactless service even after the pandemic.

Enhanced Corporate Contracts
An ever-growing number of corporates are interested to opt for mobile fuel delivery because it saves cost, time and fuel theft. Our client is thus generating more corporate contracts and subsequently increasing its business prospects.

Increased Number Of Users
The process of referrals and the voucher sharing feature are contributing to generate an increasing number of users by the day.

Seamless Delivery Process
The delivery tracking is far easier thanks to the highly-improved navigation system. Our platform has GPS navigation showing on Google Maps, employing API Integrations. This allows both the administrator as well as the customer to track the delivery status on the application.

State-of-the-art User Experience
The software enjoys SMS capability provided by Twilio SMS Gateway Integrations, e-mails are supported by SendGrid and the payment processing is provided using Stripe Payment Gateway Integration. The RFID Hardware and SDK used for scanning and validations are done with MT123, MR 124 and MT125.

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