DreamzConnect – Interactive Virtual Classroom & LMS

Use DreamzConnect or Create Your Own Interactive Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System To Teach Your Students Online From Anywhere & Manage Your Courses in Organized Way.

  • Teach through LIVE video training & digital whiteboards
  • Create and manage grades, courses and daily routines
  • Create and allocate assignments online
  • Track student progress and feedbacks
  • Record every training session
  • User-friendly mobile and desktop modes

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Respond to the COVID-19 Challenges today and make your academy FUTURE READY

Virtual Classroom

A live video-conferencing tutoring platform in which you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of live interactive online session, 24/7
  • Teach or Work simultaneously with up to 50 learners per session
  • Use Online Digital Whitebaord for Interactive Sessions
  • Learners can pay monthly or pay per session through easy payment methods


Manage your courses, classes, student and content in which you can:

  • Manage your courses and users (learners and teachers) from any device;
  • Schedule, manage and blend virtual and face-to-face sessions;
  • Keep all records of both online and traditional training in one place;
  • Take Full Control, Add, Manage users and their roles

Virtual Classroom Solution : Organize, Train and Review Student Activities.

Right Tool For Right People

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  • Manage academic session, grade & subject to be taught
  • Monitor all roles like teachers, students, parents, etc.
  • Create routines for different classes or courses
  • Manage the allocation of classes to teachers
  • Control role permissions to specific users

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  • Accept assigned routines for scheduled classes
  • Add topic for each session
  • Organize video conferences with students
  • Teach Using Digital Whiteboard
  • Track attendance through the system
  • Create and allocate assignments
  • Review & remark on submitted assignments
  • Receive feedback on each class organized

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  • View schedule of upcoming classes
  • Join to classes or video conferences
  • Receive notification for allocated assignments
  • Submit assignments online
  • Provide feedback for each class attended
  • Review recordings of previous sessions
  • Parents can monitor assignments, marks, and feedbacks
  • Parents can view progress reports and other activities

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