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It provides a complete Learning Management System with interactive virtual classroom

Project Overview — A Complete Learning Management System with interactive virtual classroom

During the global pandemic because of Covid-19, educational institutes, coaching classes and training institutes were facing the most critical issue to address the problems of remote learning, where the traditional face to face
tutoring was not possible. In order to mitigate the issues Dreamztech Solutions launched the Dreamzconnect platform for all types of educational institutes.

This platform offers a complete Learning Management System for every educational and training institutes, coaching classes, organizations and universities.

With Dreamzconnect, institutes and teachers can conduct live online classes, webinars, create an online academy to manage papers, courses, lessons and daily tasks. The Teachers, educators or the admin can share study materials
to specific users and also evaluate user performances through assigning quizzes or tests. The Report module helps individual users to track their own progress and allows the admin and teachers to track individual user’s progress
very easily. The whiteboard feature ensures an interactive virtual classroom experience for users during live online classes.

The platform comes with a Teacher and Student module where respective type of users can log in and create schedules, attend online classes, access study materials, participate in tests or quizzes based on the user specific permissions.

The system offers an all-in-one Admin portal for the institutes or organizations to manage students, teachers, schedules, courses, study materials and all the other important aspects of the solution.

Making remote learning interactive with virtual learning solutions

During the pandemic and resulting global lockdowns, all the educational institutes were facing the problem to continue regular classes and manage all the related essential activities remotely. To mitigate the remote learning related issues for individual teachers as well as institutions, Dreamzconnect platform allows to create profiles for individual teachers/students through which all users can interact remotely through virtual classes and webinars. The platform allows seamless management of schedules and tracking the progress of students.

Business problems

  • Lack of interaction due to remote learning

    Lack of face to face interaction leads to fading away of interests among students and gradual isolation from studies. Due to non-interactive teaching methods, students were unable to connect themselves with
    the topics being taught and that resulted into knowledge gap.

  • It was difficult to share physical notes and study materials

    Both students and teachers were having difficulties in sharing specialized study materials when required.

  • It was difficult to schedule classes virtually

    Scheduling classes for multiple departments and divisions and managing all teachers and students remotely was still a challenge.

  • Tracking and notifying students & teachers

    It was difficult to track online attendance of the students and notify all users for upcoming classes, exams or quizzes.

  • There was no proper student evaluation system

    Improper and unsystematic evaluation of students progress and development due to lack of proper evaluation methods.

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • Interactive portal keeps the students and teachers more engaged.
  • Inbuilt virtual class made the process easier and attracts more individuals.
  • Seamless payment process increases the revenue.

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Solutions provided by DreamzTech

Interactive online learning platform for virtual classes and webinars

Dreamzconnect offers an interactive virtual class platform that offers a whiteboard to the students, where teachers can write or draw anything they want to teach. With the help of chat option students can ask questions and
teachers can reply to their queries. Users can also share documents or images over the chat section during virtual classes.

Easy access to study materials with download option

Students can access all the study materials added by the teachers or admin, which includes PDF documents, MP4 videos, Youtube and website links.

Group discussion and problem solving forums

The system also has an interactive forum to resolve any queries by discussing it with all the other students as well as teachers. Here teachers and students can have discussions on open ended queries/ questions related to any
subject and topic.

Asset library for study materials

Asset library management provides easy access to study materials for teachers while creating courses and lessons for students.

Consolidated student evaluation module

The platform comes with a specialized menu to create and assign tests or quizzes to students, track their results and evaluate their progress regularly.

Real time notification option

All the users are notified about their schedules of virtual classes, webinars and tests as a pop up notification in the platform as well as over registered email and phone number(via SMS) with the help of the automated notification

Report management

Admin and teachers can easily track the progress or completion status of each subject or specific chapter for a specific division as well as individual students from the report management section.

User friendly scheduling solution

Admin can manage scheduling for the whole institution and assign specific teachers to specific departments and classes with a smart scheduling option that ensures zero conflict between different classes for teachers.

Key Features

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