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Case Study – Freelancer Marketplace

US Based startup chose DreamzTech to develop Influencer Marketing and Freelancer Marketplace

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Social Influencer Marketing Platforms generate drives through content makers to increase brand awareness and engagements to the brands’ target audiences. This collaboration among brands and content creators permits organizations to extend their ability to create and track across their consumer personas. The Social Media Influencer Market grew from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion in 2020. In 2021, it soared to $13.8 billion, indicating a steady growth. The market is projected to expand to a whopping $16.4 billion industry in 2022 and is expected to reach $24.1 billion by 2025.

DreamzTech’s expert developers built an interoperable, scalable, and fully configurable freelancer marketplace comprising of an administration portal and a marketing cum bidding portal. These portals are fully loaded with sought after functional features and helped the creator marketplace client to setup and configure the marketplace business rules, onboard influencers, marketing agencies, brands and sponsors digitally. The various types of users can register in the portal by subscribing to their preferred plans and also manage the entire business operations digitally in an efficient way. The influencer marketplace provided complete digital journey with a smarter user experience for the various users associated with the business.

The social influencer marketing platform & freelancer marketplace solution is powered with a comprehensive contract bid management platform which allows the brands, agencies and the influencers, logging into their respective administration portal access, to create their public profiles including their interests, statistics from different social media profiles, preferences and other related information, post their job contracts, search and send the job information to prefered influencers directly, view influencer profiles and negotiate the contract terms and commercials with the online bidders, offer the contract digitally and also approve the job completion. The posted job contracts are searchable by the influencers on the marketing website along with all the related information and eligibility criteria. The Influencers are also able to bid on their preferred jobs, negotiate terms, submit the job completion report along with proof of created content and related social media activities and get paid according to the contract. The bid management platform has an impactful built-in analytics which facilitate clients to view various intelligent reports like trend analysis and helps in making data driven business decisions for future business needs.

The custom developed influencer marketplace solution also got integrated with 3rd party tools and solutions like Stripe Payment Gateway, AWS SES for mailing, Google API and different social media APIs like Facebook API, Instagram API, Twitter API, Youtube API to validate the social media presence and profile activities. Additionally, the integration with DreamzTech developed e-learning platform provided flexibility and advantage of running virtual classroom training and interactive sessions for the brands, agencies and influencers which effectively proved to be a strong platform for additional revenue generation.

With this custom developed Social Media Content Creator Marketplace platform, the US based startup could increase their comparable trade significantly in 6 months from the launch of the platform and realized a considerable revenue growth.

Key Challenges

  • The client was looking for a comprehensive solution for the influencer marketplace platform. This platform was expected to not only perform the complex business operations involving different type of users like brands, agencies, influencers or content creators and sponsors, but also to provide the users with a smarter, rich user experience without dragging them into the complexity of the business flow
  • It was crucial for the freelancer marketplace to be equipped with tools for the content creators or influencers for bidding on the posted job contracts. An appropriate tool was also required for the brands, agencies and the client admin users for effectively managing the bids, the bidders and related business operations to drive the mainstream revenue generation and retain a high level of transparency in each of the business and commercial transactions
  • The solution was required to be absolutely comprehensive to work with dynamically configurable information forms, fields, business rules, email templates, communication mediums, access controls, commercial plans etc. It required to include a full scale content management system to control the majority of the website contents dynamically for the client to be able to achieve scalability and utmost flexibility
  • The Influencer Marketplace solution was intended to establish multiple revenue streams involving different business flows and objectives performed by different types of business users, without creating complexity in the targeted business operations
  • The solution was required to be intelligent and smart enough to verify the legitimacy and truthfulness of the information provided in the public profiles of the business users, to create a fully transparent and trustworthy business environment
  • The influencer marketplace solution should provide seamless commercial dealings within the platform itself without having the need for redirection to 3rd party payment processor to perform commercial transfers between two parties on achieving business objectives.
  • It was of utmost importance to provide the client with relevant and insightful business analytics and reports encompassing all the different business operations, commercial transactions, and user personas to be able to refer and take effective business decisions to build a growth oriented sustainable Influencer marketplace business.

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The Solution

DreamzTech’s social media solutioning team had multiple interactive sessions with the client to understand their intended core business processes, laid out the technical architecture, designed, developed and delivered the business solution in multiple phases to meet their business requirements. The developed solution was integrated with several 3rd party solutions and tools such as Stripe Payment Gateway for digital payment processing, AWS SES integration for email communication, Google API for user location tracking, Social Media APIs of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for fetching and validating social media statistics and feeds within the profile of the different type of business users of the platform. Here are the major functionalities and features incorporated in the social media content creator marketplace.

  • The platform includes a comprehensive and intuitive business administration portal to setup, configure and manage various business rules, user subscriptions, different business users, their activities and access control, communication templates, various information forms and fields, financial transactions, platform commissions on paid activities etc.
  • The marketing website cum contract bidding portal was built to provide the influencers, agencies, brands and sponsors to signup with their choice of subscription plan, create and view profiles of their own as well as others by eligibility and other criteria search. The bidding portal also enable influencers or content creators and agencies to bid on a posted job contract and directly deal with the job contract owner
  • The implemented functionalities of standard bid management platforms helped the contract owners and bidders to fairly negotiate, invite, offer, accept job contracts as well as submit and verify the proof of the performed jobs and get paid according to the agreed contract commercials and terms
  • The sponsors are able to find events of their choice associated with posted contracts published on the marketing website and offer sponsorships to the events
  • The functionality of a Credit Wallet got implemented in the influencer marketplace which helped all business users to keep a balance of credits, use them for any payout or transfer against any commercial deal or transactions done within the platform and avoid real financial transactions multiple times to perform their intended business operations. The users can keep track of their earnings in credit wallet and can monetize as and when required
  • The brands, agencies and influencers are able to visit their job history and can invite or be invited to perform any similar open contract opportunities and create a long term business relationship network among them
  • The job contract owners are able to highlight a posted job as featured or can get recommended by the platform itself to display their open contracts on the top of the relevant contract list. Both of these services are chargeable and credits gets deducted from their wallets
  • The different business users of the influencer marketplace platform are able to get access to additional advanced business analytics and reports. These services are chargeable and credits gets deducted from their wallets
  • Additionally, one of our flagship product, DreamzConnect, an e-learning platform was integrated with this custom developed Social Media Content Creator Marketplace for the client to be able to offer additional facility of subscribing to the e-learning platform to its onboarded users so it can be used to run virtual training or online courses on their area of expertise directly using their respective administrative access in the Influencer Marketplace.
  • The solution also includes comprehensive business dashboard, business critical analytical information viewer and configurable business reports for the client to be able to monitor, track, manage their multifaceted business and are able to take data driven well informed business decisions.
  • Technology:

    Laravel, JQuery, Angular, MySQL, AWS

  • Tools:

    Stripe Payment Gateway, AWS SES for mailing, Google API for location, Social Media APIs of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube


DreamzTech worked with the client as the technology partner, provided solution consulting and developed the Social Media Content Creator Marketplace which proved to be a game changer for the client. The startup business took off strongly and not only could find its firm ground as a Social Influencer Marketing Platform and Freelancer Marketplace business but also realized significant market attention and revenue growth within a short span of time. Some of the major benefits and key factors that triggered the boost in growth includes


The comprehensiveness and flexibility of being able to configure all business rules, subscription values, communication templates, website content, private contract creation and influencer recommendation provided with a solid hold on the main revenue stream


The ability of the brands,agencies and influencers to attract sponsors on their contracts and events created an additional line of business and opened the opportunity of using the platform for advertising as well


The easy to perform user flows, excellent user experience and quick monetization facilities attracted many brands, agencies and influencers resulting in increased business opportunities


The in-built bidding portal functionalities of the marketplace website helped the influencers, agencies and sponsors to express their business interest easily which resulted in increased number of transactions on the platform


The implemented core functionalities of a standard bid management platform within the intuitive administration portal for the different business users helped in achieving transparent business transactions without any obstacle which helped the client to build long term and sustainable business relationships and achieve a high subscription retention rate


The ability of the influencers, agencies and brands to find their job history provides with reliability and support which makes it a go to platform for any quick reference need


The credit wallet feature supports the client to hold financial liquidity till payout to another party’s bank account


The availability of additional advanced report and analytical insights for the different business users and its controlled access are chargeable. This helped the owner of the platform(client) to establish additional channel of revenue


Last but not the least, the integration of DreamzTech developed e-learning platform with the influencer marketplace solution provided the client with an additional and steady channel of revenue by offering subscription based access of the e-learning platform to its onboarded user base.

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