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Case Study – Social Media App Development

US Based Startup company chose DreamzTech to develop a hyperlocal Social Media App to promote local businesses

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More than half of the world uses Social Networking which is around 58.4%. 4.62 billion people around the world now use social media, 424 million new users have come online within last 12 months. The average daily time spent using social media platform is 2h 27m. Average number of Social Media Platforms used each month is valued at 7.5. 93.4% of internet users uses Social media Sites and Social Media Apps.

The client is a startup and was looking for a social media app development team to build a hyperlocal social media platform to promote local businesses through the website and app. They wanted to launch an innovative and unique social media app to promote their city and its local businesses, upcoming events.

DreamzTech social media app development team brought client’s idea in real life and successfully delivered the social media site solution that works perfectly by bringing all people and businesses of the locality together at one place. The local people and businesses got an unique social media app that talks about their town, people and events. This easy social interaction and networking it also helped them in promoting their town. All the businesses of the town are listed in this platform and people can find those here. The details of the local businesses are available in the app and the site. Businesses can create their own page in this platform from where they can advertise and promote their businesses.

The solution also got integration with 3rd party tools such as Stripe for payment, AWS for mailing, Vimeo and Zencoder for video upload and broadcasting services.

With the custom developed Social Media Platform, the client was able to engage 5X New users and grew their network. This eventually bought more businesses to register and up the revenue stream.

Key Challenges

  • Post Covid, people were facing difficulty as their were no social gatherings and outings
  • Engaging users through this social media app platform so that they can view different businesses and redeem coupons
  • Expanding the social media platform and reaching out to specific audiences through business advertisements
  • Need to improve users experience which requires collecting users data. Analysis of user data helps to curate an effective and enhanced user experience through improvising various offers and advertisements
  • To create opportunity for small retail businesses to provide advertisement and showcase their products
  • Need for a Platform to highlight their town and businesses and to attract users

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The Solution

The experienced consultants of DreamzTech has worked closely with client and provided him the best social media app development service that could meet his business requirement. DreamzTech has designed a fascinating and beautiful, feature-packed social media app that connects the town people with each other, help them in growing their network and also help the local businesses to reach their audience easily and target them with different customized ads and promotions.

  • Better User Experience through creating their own business pages and showcasing their products and services
  • With different advertising option, it attracts the users to visit the stores and to know more about the town
  • This Social Media platform attracted more users due to online promotions and online redemption of coupons
  • Because of this Social Media app and site, now the users who are not visiting the town can also view different offers going on in each town and can visit them. The users can also know about different towns which are using this platform.
  • Through this app or website, users can post various memes, selfie, hashtags, videos and can live stream videos and can connect with each other
  • This social media app and website captures user data which helps the businesses and company to create personalized advertisements and encourage users to visit the businesses
  • Technology:

    Phpfox , jquery , mysql

  • Tools:

    Stripe for payment, Aws for mailing, Vimeo for videos and zencoder to convert videos


DreamzTech developed custom social media solution for interactive users engagement and increase user base. The social media app and website allows users for more social engagement and capture user engagement and experience data for the advertisers and company.


Over 5K+ users successfully registered and engaged through this social media platform


Capture user engagement and experience to enhance personalized advertisements with better and informed data-driven analytics.


Better Analysis of the user data for the advertisers and company


Having Vendors sections and their sales added more to their revenue.


Integration with various 3rd party solutions such as Stripe for payment, Aws for mailing, Vimeo for videos and Zencoder to convert videos


Made attendees happy as they can use the event app to check-in / out easily, view their certificates, CEU and earned badges online without having to reach out for any help.

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