Travel & Hospitality

We offer a track record of developing web and mobile apps for travel & tourism industry with a variety of features like airline ticket booking, hotel room reservation, public transportation search, searching sightseeing places and much more.DreamzTech offers a host of services and solutions relating to each and every segment and sub-segment such as Airline, Hotels & Reservations, Cruise and Tour Operators

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Create Omnichannel customer experience, increasing efficiency using emerging technologies

DreamzTech aims to create Omnichannel customer experience, increasing efficiency using emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics.Our comprehensive solution enables travel and hospitality organizations to transform their business by reducing technology risks.

Travel Portal & Booking Engine

DreamzTech has hands-on experience of developing solution for the travel industry which allows OTA Bookings, reservation platform and Online Booking Tools. We can create solution that can be integrated with Global Distribution System(GDS) and other booking solutions like Travolutionary, Mystifly, Sabre, CarTrawler, Viator, GAdventure Tour and Trafalgar etc for seamless customer experience.

Restaurant POS Solution

DreamzTech Restaurant POS Solution enables retailers to manage any of their POS at anytime using a Windows PC, iMac or an Ipad , Android Tablet or Web.System runs in both online and offline mode. So if your Internet connection is lost, your POS will still run your transactions. Integrated with Quickbooks to track sales, deposits, invoices and inventory, it becomes a strong accounting systemManage Multiple outlet of your retail shop from one Point of Sale. Track your sale, manage your inventory stock, monitor your staff performance and grow your business proactivelyOur POS Solution Keeps your data safe with our Amazon Cloud Storage, you can rest easily.

Restaurant Software Solution

Our Restaurant Software helps to manage restaurant billing, inventory tracking, kitchen order taking, accounting, table layout, call order management & more, in the form of complete business automation solutions paired with mobile apps and cloud solutions.Our Restaurant Software integrations use components for guest and table management, reservations, waitlist systems. We develop software for Kitchen Display and tableside ordering applications for restaurants to streamline front-of-house operations, improve guest experiences and back office analytics.

Casino Hospitality Software Development

Our Casino Hospitality Software caters to manage tableside order taking, accounting, order management & more, in the form of complete business solutions paired with mobile apps and cloud solutions.Our Software integrations use components for guest and table management, reservations, waitlist systems. We develop software for tableside, slotside ordering applications for casinos to streamline in-house operations, improve players experiences and back office management and analytics.

Property Management System (PMS) Development

Our PMS software is built with custom modern responsive platforms for hospitality industry. Our cloud-based property management solutions provide around-the-clock access to manage property information. Our PMS solution comes with HOA (Homeowners' Association) solutions which allows property owners easy maintenance and reporting with integrated accounting on QuickBooks.It also has concierge solutions which allows residents to pay utility bills, HOA Payments etc. The solution comes with Progressive Web App for residents to request concierge services and use other utilities.Our PMS Software is powered with Cloud-based capabilities enable association accounting management and online payment processing.

Travelport Developers and API Integrations

Travelport Universal API offers an array of travel content for air, hotel, car, and rail, including ancillaries (optional services). It also provides functionality to build complete traveler, agency, branch, and account profiles.DreamzTech has hands-on experience developing solutions with Travelport API for flight, hotel and car booking in a B2B and B2C model.We develop solutions with central booking management dashboards, travel content mapping, revenue management system, and tiered access for the travel agency. We build B2B and B2C travel portals with XML, GDS, and APIs integrations as well as implementation of secure payment gateways like FirstData, Stripe, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and other payment methods for the best travel management experience.

Custom Sabre Development & Integration

DreamzTech is a leading Sabre GDS integration company. We develop travel software development, online reservation systems and integrate Sabre GDS for global clients to deliver best in class travel software development projects.We integrate to the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) and associated components to connect with Sabre's extensive travel marketplace offerings. We provide comprehensive data solutions including legacy data migrations, custom integrations, business intelligence, and analytics. Our expertise includes the Sabre Intelligence Exchange platform. We configure and customize the Red Workspace platform to develop custom tailored solutions, program custom workflows, integrate data, and extend platform capabilities with custom development.

Travolutionary Development & Integration

DreamzTech has extensive experience of development and integration with Travolutionary which provides process searches, bookings and payments in one aggregated environment and one API. Travolutionary also provide access to all major OTAs and their rates, compare and book with them, or benchmark Net rates to meet the market level pricing.Travolutionary enables agencies to search across more than 150 integrated suppliers and services to deliver the best-in-class experience and rates to your customers, granting insight and control over margins and distribution channels. DreamzTech has developed B2B and B2C model software for travel agencies and agents with collaborations of customers to create, plan and share plans and itinerary and make bookings online.

Amusement Park Software Development

DreamzTech can develop a custom tailored solution to meet exact business and operational needs of an Amusement Park as it is a unique challenge.We develop ticketing platforms for online, kiosk, mobile, email ticketing delivery, and on-site ticketing, individual/group packages, memberships, loyalty programs and discounts.Admissions with Turn-style Gates Control, RFID wristband, QR Code and other biometric based validations for visitors admissions control.Solution can be integrated with Point of Sale (POS) systems for ticketing, retail, food and beverage sales. Our solution can be integrated third-party payment gateway to support various payment types including credit, debit, gift cards, mobile payments.Solution will have a centralized visitor and employee databases for real-time tracking with intelligence dashboards and analytics.DreamzTech has Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) including maintenance scheduling, predictive/preventative maintenance, employee task assignment, work order creation/tracking and historical data. With IoT we provide surveillance, smart locks, restricted access management, and more.

RFID Based Blockchain Enabled Baggage Tracking

DreamzTech can develop a Baggage Tracking solution is RFID based tracking solution especially for Airlines. The Solution will enable airlines to tag luggage with RFID and track their movement throughout their cycle.This allows Airlines to easily track and identify luggage. With RFID gates keeps a track on movement of luggage and record in immutable ledgers with Blockchain.Throughout the cycle users are notified on certain status. RFID baggage handling and tracking, you can gain full visibility throughout the baggage journey. The passenger can utilize the RFID for automatic bag drop, the sortation system can use the information for sorting the bag to the right flight.The RFID baggage tracking solution with RFID read points and intelligent data management provides an integrated deployment and monitoring service. The solution is designed to support end-to-end tracking and handling of the bag throughout the baggage journey.

PWA Based WIFI Lock Management

DreamzTech has developed cloud based smart lock solution. The solution allows you to remotely open and close doors locks and share access with others in a single tap. Now you can simply grant access to individuals or groups for selected locks and timeframes.For the hospitality industry it is important to share access to guest only for selected rooms and utilities and allow access to visitor to guests. Now visitors can request access and guests can grant them access remotely. The solution provides 24 x 7 activity feed that keeps track all activities like Successful and failed attempt alerts.We have solutions with Facial Recognition, OTP based, Virtual Key based access which are seamlessly configured into the solution.

Custom Hospitality & Travel Management Software Development Services

DreamzTech with wide array of experience in developing custom tailored solution to meet exact business and operational needs and deliver world class solutions to customers.


B2B and B2C Travel Portal

Travelers today are more focused on their preferences like mode of travel, hotels to stay and overall budgets for the entire tour. Though there are many travel agents, it has become really challenging to keep all this information available in a way so that it can be processed and a suitable travel plan can be prepared for customers who are already well informed in their own way. DreamzTech has developed a Digital Travel Ecosystem. This B2C/B2B platform for users/agents helps users to search, design travel plans and manage their bookings as per their preferences integrated with the leading Global Distribution System (GDS) like Travelport (Galileo, Apollo, Worldspan) and SABRE.
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Chatbot Solution

Our client runs a travel industry business around the world. They provide smart, social, simple and highly collaborative booking solutions to their customers. The client wanted to reduce the human interaction for booking and wanted a solution that will be able to guide the visitors in an interactive way with the least amount of customer executive support. Dreamztech has provided the client with a virtual customer support solution also known as a chatbot to address the problem. The solution is built by using AWS Lex support. Dreamztech is providing support to the client to date.
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