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Psychometric Evaluation and Analysis Platform

Project Overview

Mental health has always been a priority for mankind. With Covid-19 and prolonged lockdown, there has been an increase in the number of compromised mental health cases worldwide. With restricted movement, it became more difficult for people to visit their doctors and psychological counsellors physically.

Vantage Health is a leading name in the healthcare industry. Like many others, they also identified the rising mental health issues and as a need of the hour, wanted to create a platform for Psychologists and Therapist that will allow them to onboard their clients, share customized digital forms with questions and psychometric tests and automate the process of generating notation and progress notes based on the data provided by their clients.

They also wanted the platform to be able to analyze the data over the period of time and provide detailed insight on client’s progress and changes so that it can help drive the therapist’s decision.

Dreamztech designed a mobile-first PWA solution for both Providers and Clients where providers can control the digital forms by creating questions, tests, activities and treatment courses suitable for their clients and share via email. Clients can also access the platform from the client portal and take necessary actions based on what their providers have designed for them.

The platform then analyze all data and generate the progress reports and notation report. It also gives a detailed analytical dashboard so that providers can see the detailed result of individual tests performed over the time.

The platform also allows general users to search for providers based on location and other preferences, view their profiles and book appointments if required. As a normal free user, they can also access all the free psychometric courses and activities that providers may create and publish in the platform.

Enabling psychologists and therapists to focus on the treatment by automating reporting and analytics of the patient

The platform allows the psychologist and therapist to create their treatment template so that they can use it with multiple clients and can customize it for individual clients as needed and the platform’s smart AI capabilities can generate the required analytics for monitoring and decision making and automated reports ensures accurate notation and progress reports.

Business problems

  • Physical Evaluation Forms

    The physical assessment and evaluation forms of the psychologists makes it difficult to handle, often resulting in loss of data, mismanagement and confusion.

  • Lack of moderation

    Creating and managing treatment plans are based on verbal instruction only without any way to moderate.

  • Time Consuming

    Reviewing response from their clients on paper-based evaluation forms is time consuming and error prone.

  • Patient issues can’t be tracked

    No way to check real-time progress of the client unless the client comes back with questions or issues.

  • Lack of customization

    Customizing the evaluation form for individual patient is not possible at the moment.

  • Lack of analytics based report

    Due to physical records, data analytics based on patient’s past reports could not be generated.

  • Patient data can’t be tracked

    No way to get the progress analysis based on all evaluation forms and tests conducted for any client.

  • Compliant issues

    Ensuring HIPAA compliance with secure data management and restricted access

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • Complete digital transformation of the psychometric tests and evaluation
  • Fully HIPAA compliant
  • Easy profile creation and new patient registration
  • Optimized patient data handling and reporting
  • Reduction in IT spends
  • Revenue generation through subscriptions
  • Free content creation option to highlighted profiles
  • Increase in new patient registration






Treatment Plans



Solutions provided by DreamzTech

Digital Evaluation Forms

Allowed providers to create and manage their own digital evaluation forms that can be shared with their clients.

Psychometric Courses

Allowed providers to create psychometric activities and treatment plans that can be shared with their patient.

Online Psychometric Tests

Allowed providers to select from a range of psychometric evaluation test like situational judgement tests, personality tests, reasoning tests etc. to be included in their digital forms as and when necessary.

Smart Analytics and Reporting

Based on all the evaluation forms, tests and treatment plan, the analytics data are prepared automatically to show the client’s progress over a period of time.

Automated Progress Notes

Based on the response from the client, the progress notes are generated automatically.

Profile Listing

Allowed providers to build their profile and portray that to potential clients via a location and specialty based search listing.

Notation Assistance

Based on response, our AI-based reporting tool creates the notation document to show the overall status of the client.

SaaS based solution

The platform allows every provider to create their own profile, manage patients and control evaluation forms, test and treatments as per their preference.

Key Features

Overview of Services Provided

HIPAA Compliant Data Management and Security

The platform is HIPAA compliant and all necessary security measures are in place to protect privacy of client data.

AI based reporting and analytics

Every form and test data collected from patient are passed through our AI reporting engine to create smart reports written in human-understood language.

Customizable Evaluation forms and Evaluation Tests

While there are predefined, industry-standard forms in the application already, every provider has the option to create their own forms if needed like that of personality tests, reasoning, judgement tests etc.

Therapists Listing Service and Global Profiling

Option for providers to create their online profile and list via our directory service so that patients can search, find and book appointments.

Customizable Treatment Plans

Providers can create their own treatment plans by creating a wide range of different activities, and schedule it as required for the treatment.

PWA Provider and Client Portal

Both the provider and the client portal are made in progressive web app so that it can be accessed from anywhere and from any device enabling remote connection, treatment and monitoring.


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