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The client wanted to bring all the fundraising organizations, sponsors and donors into a single platform.



The process of traditional fundraising entailed gathering financial help for a cause from individuals or organizations through a door to door campaign. This process itself was very costly and unable to reach out to a large population in a short period of time. In the last ten years, the fundraising sector has transformed itself along with the fast-evolving digital world. Today’s fundraising events are organized utilizing the internet and all the social media platforms.
Our client was a fundraising company who had an existing website for fundraising. The client wanted to bring all the fundraising organizations, sponsors and donors into a single platform. For this specific purpose, the client wanted us to redesign the existing website along with the introduction of some additional features. In order to connect all the stakeholders through a single website and increase the target audience and donation amount, they contacted us to restructure their existing site.


  • Unification of data
    from all equipment onto a single platform and automated interpretation.
  • Registering a sample for
    machine with upper and lower reading limits so that alerts can be generated in case
    abrupt fluctuations.
  • Process data and represent
    the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision
  • Using Industrial IoT to
    monitor equipment health and provide scheduled maintenance, proactive and preventive
  • Platform to view the
    status of a machine and the ability to view its breakdown history.
  • The solution also provided
    option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA and IoT.


  • The existing website had issues with its responsiveness.
  • The design of the existing website was not user-friendly.
  • The organizations did not have any reward system to attract supporters.
  • Online donation option with payment gateway was not available.
  • The live status of every campaign was not available on the preexisting website.
  • In the preexisting website, users were not able to share the campaign details with others.


  • We developed an interactive platform with a responsive interface.
  • We redesigned the website with a better graphical user interface.
  • The solution incorporates reward programs that can be customized by the organizations and sponsors.
  • The platform integrates a payment gateway for the smooth and secure transaction of donations.
  • The platform provides real-time status of donations raised on the platform visible to all users.
  • In the revamped website users can send referrals to others and link their social media accounts to the platform.


Approach from DreamzTech

The client wanted us to redesign their existing website and make it more responsive along with adding more features to reach out to more donors and sponsors.
Dreamztech has redesigned their existing website and made it more responsive and introduced multiple new features as per client requirement.


DreamzTech engaged onshore Business Analysts to interview stakeholders from client premises and gather requirements. They worked with offshore BAs and Solution Architects and analyzed the workflow of the existing website of the client.


The architects from DreamzTech analyzed existing software against requirements to determine the technology to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. Consideration for data migration from the existing website of the client was planned. The plan was segregated into phases.


Our team comprising of Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts has been working with the client for the last 6 months and completed all implementation planned to date. We are still regularly implementing new features in the platform following Agile methodology for technology implementation with continued support.


The solution provided by Dreamztech introduced an integrated platform for all the organizations, sponsors and donors to communicate and participate in different fundraising campaigns. Organizations were able to track all the campaigns real time from the portal and change their strategies as per the trend. Sponsors were able to search and participate in any campaign as per their choice which made them more involved resulting into increased financial aids. Individual donors were able to connect to the platform to donate and share the campaign details through different social media platforms which ensured greater participation and better cost effective marketing strategy.

Key Application Features

The customized fundraising platform owned by the client constitutes several large and complex Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

automated oil changeMy Profile

Users can register as organization, sponsor or supporter in the platform and create their own profile along with personal or organization details.

fleet management -asset managementCreate Campaign

Organizations can create multiple fundraising campaigns along with details of the fundraising and publish the event on the platform. Supporters can view the active campaigns from their portal.

asset order manageDonation Status

Users can view real-time donation status for every campaign on the platform. The last date for a campaign and the amount of money raised is visible against each campaign.

asset management systemGoal Setting

Organizations can set a target amount of donation that they want to raise and set the last date for a campaign to be active on the platform. All the users can view the set goals against each campaign.

digital ad platformDonation

Supporters can donate on specific campaigns after selecting a specific campaign from the platform.

b2b travel portalCampaign Request

Organizations can send joining requests to the sponsor through the platform. Sponsors have the option to join or reject the joining request in their portal.

asset management systemDashboard

All users can view all the active campaigns, the best performing campaigns in their dashboard. Users have a search option to find a specific campaign in the platform.

digital ad platformCampaign Report

Organizations can view reports for a specific campaign. The number of donors, the amount of donations raised through the campaign and other details.

b2b travel portalCreate Reward

Organizations and sponsors can create different rewards against a specific campaign. The number of rewards available can be set by them.

asset management systemGift Card & Coupons

Rewards in the form of gift cards and coupons with certain expiry date can be gained by the supporters on completion of a donation or certain activities.

digital ad platformCustom Gift

Organizations and sponsors have an option to create a customizable gift for specific campaigns.

b2b travel portalReferrals

Users can send referrals for a specific campaign to friends or family members from the platform which adds a certain point in the supporter’s account.

asset management systemAdd Sponsor

Organizations can add multiple sponsors against each campaign and share their logos in the platform against the respective sponsored campaigns.

digital ad platformPayment

Users can donate for a particular campaign from the platform. The platform provides a payment gateway to complete the payment process.

b2b travel portalAction Required

Organizations can view their task status from the action required section under the following headers: pending task, awaiting approval, archived and action needed.

asset management systemNotification

On completion of every transaction, the respective users get a notification via registered email and via the notification tab in the platform. On completion of a level, supporters get a push notification about the progress.

digital ad platformSocial Media

Users have an option to link their social media accounts to their registered accounts on the platform.

b2b travel portalGamification

The progress of a supporter depends on the activity on the platform. The progress of each individual supporter is depicted through a virtual game, which shows the supporters progress through the achievement of milestones.

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