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Case Study – Fantasy Sports App Development

DreamzTech has developed an end-to-end Fantasy Sports App for Rodeo Community Based Fantasy Sports Company

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The global fantasy sports market size was valued at $18.6 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $48.6 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 13.9% from 2021 to 2027.

The client is a renowned Fantasy Sports Company having over 19 years of expertise in Rodeo Games. They were facing challenges in bringing more fans and a more easier way to bring fans together at one place and having a centralized event management system.

Leveraging the vast experience of software and mobile app development services, DreamzTech has built the fantasy sports app solution and brought the client’s idea and concept in reality. This fantasy sports app Solution works by bringing Rodeo fans all over the globe at one place and they can live stream the events in the app which makes it more engaging to the world of Fantasy Games even without going to the arena. The app was able to successfully attract large number of advertisers to reach out to the people who are using the fantasy game app.

The solution also got integration with 3rd party tools and solutions such as Google Map/Location API, Stripe for Payment Processing , Haivision (Live Streaming Equipment) and Wowza and Vonage for Live Streaming Solution and CDN, Bandwidth for SMS and Solution and News Ticker.

With the custom developed Fantasy Sports App Solution, the client engaged 10X New users and grew fan base which led to the increase of ticket sales. This eventually bought more sponsors and up the revenue stream.

Key Challenges

  • Post Covid, viewers were facing difficulty and was envisaging risk in visiting the arenas to watch events and sports
  • Engaging viewers for not only watching but also as an active participant in challenging peers
  • Expanding the sports entertainment beyond arena and reaching out to targeted audiences
  • Capturing relevant viewers data for creating better user experience in sports production and planning
  • Engaging large audiences outside stadiums to help specific sports community for causes and donations
  • Making Fantasy Sports Betting more digital and streamlined with responsible gaming

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The Solution

DreamzTech team worked closely with the client to understand their business processes and designing solution that could meet their business requirement with a custom built and easy to use Sports Betting App Solution integrated with live video streaming and live commentary. It also connects with various 3rd party solutions such as Google Map/Location API, Stripe Payment Methods, Haivision for Live Streaming Hardwares, Wowza Live Streaming Solutions, Vonage for in-app chat, Bandwidth for notifications and alerts by SMS and Emails and News Ticker for Displays.

  • This sports betting app is an Event Hosting Platform for the Rodeos events and the organizers of such events can subscribe to this fantasy game app for managing their events
  • With this fantasy game app, users of the app can watch live streaming of the match, listen to live broadcasting, engage in prediction games with event fixtures and can win if their predictions is closest to the result.
  • Enabling better fan experience through live streaming and live audio and engaging them in different fantasy games
  • Different games and leaderboard option makes it more interactive and engaging for the users.
  • The Fantasy Game platform attract more users resulting in increased ticket sales for rodeo events
  • By engaging more users and higher ticket sales attracting more sponsors as their conversion and click / view rates increased.
  • The Sports betting app capture user’s data and creates analytics which help the organisers or the sponsors with better viewer reach and experience.
  • With Geofencing, venue specific gaming experience customized with prizes offering, Showing leaderboards in Mobile App or broadcasted on Big Displays, along with winners and player lists.
  • Through this app, Organisers can collect donations from users for different charitable organizations or NGOs.
  • Technology:

    Laravel, React JS, NodeJS, JQuery, MySQL, Redis, Go/Golang

  • Tools:

    Google Map, Location API, Stripe, Haivision, Wowza, Vonage, Bandwidth


DreamzTech developed custom fantasy game solution for interactive users engagement and increase fan base. To overcome core issues of Data capturing, fan engagement and geo-fencing, the sports betting app allows users for more game engagement, win prizes and data capturing by the organisers.

fantasy sports app solution

Over 10K+ users successfully registered and engaged through this sports betting app

fantasy sports app system

Capture user engagement and experience to enhance event production and sponsorship with better and informed data-driven analytics.

fantasy sports app solution with geofencing

With Geo-fencing, users can now be engaged accurately within the event-location proximity.

fantasy sports app system with API integration

Integration with various 3rd party solutions such as Google Map/Location API, Stripe Payment Methods, Haivision for Live Streaming Hardwares, Wowza Live Streaming Solutions, Vonage for in-app chat, Bandwidth for notifications and alerts by SMS and Emails and News Ticker for Displays helped in achieving flexibility, enhancing users experience, better platform promotion and data collection.

fantasy sports app solution attracted sponsors

Increased Sponsorships, arena footfall, ticket sales and donations due to better user experience and engagement

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