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DreamzTech’s Event Management Platform aids in the better organization of corporate events and the increase of ticket sales

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Events industry Market size was valued at USD 886.99 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 2,194.40 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 13.48% from 2021 to 2028.

The client is a US based Corporate Event Management and Training Solution Providers Company. Client was previously using varied solutions to meet the business functions. But as they planned to scale, they needed a consolidated platform that could connect all their business functions for readily available business insights leading to informed decisions to drive their business effectively.

The client finalized on DreamzTech developers for developing a custom Event Planning, Event Scheduling and Management Software that will also have basic CRM functionality and Event Promotions.

Along with the core functionality of Event management platform, client wanted to have an attendance tracking system in place which could track attendance of attendees. A QR based attendance tracking system was implemented to allow attendees to scan QR codes placed at various places such as entrances, tables and desks. Scanning the QR Codes using the attendees mobile app would record their attendance for the event or sub-event.

The client is successfully using this platform as it’s cloud-based Event Management System, which caters to their scalability and resilience needs as required.

Location based Geofencing is implemented using Google Geofencing API to track attendance with QR Codes. Attendees mobile app can scan the QR code only when they are in the designated area or geofenced mark. This helps to enforce business policy and misuse of the system.

Key Challenges

  • Multiple disconnected systems fail to provide complete overview for an event management company
  • Need to have an Event CRM to track leads, follow up, record interactions and capture user experience
  • A necessity to have Event Scheduling module which would help organizers plan and schedule events and sub-events
  • Challenges in recording attendance in thousands moving from one sub-events to another to earn CEU (Continuing Education Credits).
  • Prohibit misuse of digital attendance recording system
  • Problems with vendors to onboard the platform to monetize and offer tables with snacks, food and drinks

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The Solution

DreamzTech team worked closely with the client to understand their business process and different functions. They designed an end-to-end complete solution to manage their events and related operations. DreamzTech developed a cloud based Event Management Platform and an event attendance tracking app for attendees to view upcoming events schedule, book their seats, check-In/Out, view their certificates, CEU and badges.

  • Event Managers can register and create their event and sub events with ticket offerings, tables and offers like early bird offers
  • Using Event CRM, they can track registered attendees, abandonment, record interactions and follow up for any queries
  • The event scheduling module helps client to manage their event listing, plan events and sub-events on event calendar.
  • Event Attendees App helps in searching and booking event tickets, sync event calendar,
  • Attendees can also Check-In/Check-Out by scanning QR Code with precise geolocation tagging and geofencing
  • Geofencing based venue check-in functionality for the users enforces event policy
  • Attendees after event view earned badge and CEU, view and download certificate
  • The event organizers can create tables / counter or booths for vendors to bid and place their merchandise, food, snacks and drinks within designated areas for selling.
  • Vendors can view available tables or booths and can bid to the event managers. When approved, they get confirmation email from the platform.
  • The platform is integrated with Stripe Payment Gateway used for buying tickets online and Vendors make the payment for booking a booth.
  • Technology:

    PHP Laravel, Rest API with MySQL Database, Flutter

  • DataBase:



The custom developed Event Management Software helped client to scale their business to multiple cities and manage operations of hundreds of events in a year. With the ease in managing event schedules, tracking attendance, issuing certificates and badges made their attendees happy and gave overall satisfaction in performing their event management operations.


Over 100 events successfully organized and concluded

Event Management Platform helps in better insightful analysis

Increase Better insightful analysis of user and financial transaction data helped all the participating vendors

Event Management Platform helps in increase revenue and better ticket sales

Increased revenue due to clear and connected business functions leading to better ticket sales and minimized ticket cancellations.

Event Management Platform helps in generating more vendors

Having Vendors sections and their sales added more to their revenue.

Event Management Platform helps in attendance tracking with geofencing

With QR code based attendance tracking with geofencing technique helped in efficient and accurate attendance recording.

Event Management Platform helps to give better experience to attendees

Made attendees happy as they can use the event app to check-in / out easily, view their certificates, CEU and earned badges online without having to reach out for any help.

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