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Case Study – Event Management App Development

A US based client developed Event Management App with a vision to increase Offline engagement using Online app

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From the recent study, Event management app increases attendance by 20%, productivity by 27%, and profit margin by 20-30% on average.

The client is a US based Company, who provides an online platform for the Event Organizer where they can promote their events to increase footfall.

The Client planned for a start-up business with the vision to increase offline engagement through online. They want an event management software including an Event organizer app where the event organizers can add their recent events. The system should keep track of user behavior analytics. From the mobile app user can show interest to the events area wise and share the activity photos, communicate with other user to share their experiences.

DreamzTech has developed the Event Management app with various custom requirements from client. Using the system, users can register with secure code. It is an Event Listing app to view all the events either geolocation based or city wise searching. User can show interest from app. User find different activity as challenge and win rewards. The system has number of features for user engagement. Also DreamzTech developed a web application for Admin/ Organizer access to view the user behavior analytics reports in respect of the events.

Key Challenges

  • Event Promoting process was not so easy –

    It is always a challenging task for the event Organizers to promote the events and increase footfall. They were looking for an event management app platform where they can add events which can be visible to maximum number of people. Our client was looking for a solution to manage the Organizers’ activities

  • User Engagement is quite difficult –

    The most challenging task is to improve user engagement. In today’s digital world, Net users’ tend to surf across multiple Apps. Hence, they can leave an App quickly due to lack of engagement activities. Clients was looking for a strategic solution to increase the duration of user engagement

  • Check In validation was challenging –

    After showing interest in attending events, only 40 – 50% of the users actually attended the events. So validation of actual check-in on site becomes mandatory and those were required to be updated in the application. In some cases, on-site validation process is not mandatory but “check In” status update in system is quite obvious. It was difficult to provide an authentic solution in this respect

  • No specific tool for User behavioral Analytics –

    There are number of tools that track the page visit frequency, number of impression, click etc.. But it was a challenge to have a tool which can generate event wise user behavioral analytics Report. This report should be generated considering factors like event wise duration of sessions, connectivity etc. It was hard to generate such reports without a custom built system

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The Solution

DreamzTech developed an Event management app in iOS and Android platform for general users and a web application for admin setup with intelligent data analytics report. The system is developed on the customized requirements to show the events in animated way. It has user friendly interface for different activities. Details of the events are clearly visible and easy sliding options to generate interests. It also notifies from the already selected events. The App includes number of challenge activities. A separate web application is developed for the administration process and organizer activities. The solution is integrated with Google Map API, Twillo for SMS, Clicky for page view Statistics

  • Event listing app solution –

    The solution has a listing of events around the country. It has geofencing search option so that user can find the events in certain diameters from his/her current location. Also the system has citywise search option. Users can create their event planning. Once an user taps on an event and shows interest, it get included in the user list of event calendar. This app acts as an event tracking software,

  • Geofencing app feature for Check-In process –

    DreamzTech developed a solution with geofencing app feature for both the cases where on-site checking is mandatory and also when it is optional. For the case of mandatory validation, there is QR code option in the app which can be verified at the site by the event personnel. When the entry verification process is optional, automated Check-in is implemented in the app using Geo coordinates of users.

  • Social networking Activities –

    Users have number of social networking activities option in the mobile app. They can share their pictures at the events so that people can view and add comments. They can follow each other, the App has an one to one chat option. The users can share the trip experience, the system notifies the weather status of the event location. It has a Forum for a group discussion etc.

  • Challenge Activities & Rewards –

    For better user engagement, there are several activities set for the users to spend time. It also has number of Challenges to do. The App has an interesting Reward program to enable the users to win rewards and redeem those to buy tickets etc.

  • Event organizer app –

    The solution includes Event organizer app where Organizer can add their events with full details along with pictures. They can manage the check in process in custom way. Organizer can add activities and challenges for the user.

  • User behavior analytics Reports –

    The solution has a graphical analytics reports to check the statistics. This insightful report let admin/ organizer know about the user behavior analytics by providing event wise information. It includes total number of impressions, How many of them tapped on the event, how many of them showed interest and how many of them actually checked in. The App provides detailed USer behavioral analytical reports on these aspects.

  • Technology:

    Back End : PHP Laravel Framework
    Front End : Bootstrap | Jquery | HTML 5
    Mobile App: Flatter
    Database : My SQL


This is an event management app as well as an online event planning tool. After implementation of the app, as per the quarterly statistics report, it increases average 30% user traffic, 40% event organizers joining every quarter. The benefits of the system are summarized as below :

Maximum footfall at the physical Events :
The App increased the user engagement. System helped to promote events in an efficient way. As a result it increased the maximum number of check-in into the events.

Better Check-in process helps in user tracking:
Day by day more organizers are now getting inclined with the app after seeing its authentication methods of user tracking

Increases the number of Organizer :
Now, the Organizers have more trust on the application. They are sharing their experiences with others which in turn increased the number of organizers. The app is attracting more event organizers

Increases the user traffic :
The solution is having number of user engagement activities which attract more users to install the app and use it for their online event planning tools.

User behavioral Analytics report :
The solution is capturing every movement of the user activity in the app. This leads in generating efficient user behavioral analytics report which helps event organizers and the admin to plan in a better way to attract more audience for their future events.

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