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Case Study

A Renowned Manpower Service provider improves ERP System and recovers a Huge outstanding contract amount


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The Global Workforce Management Software Market was valued at USD 7.03 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 9.93 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 6.38% during the period of 2021-2026

The client India’s one of the largest Manpower Service Provider having strength of approximately 28,000 personnel. They have a contract management process in the fields of Security services, Integrated Facility Management, fleet services for Banks, Optical Fibre Cable Laying (Aerial), Mobile Tower Erection & Maintenance, Transportation & Logistics, Housekeeping, CCTV, E-Surveillance, Payroll Management etc.

They provide manpower for various industries and the manpower rates varies based on Industry, skills and experience. They have their process of scheduling workforce according to clients’ requirement. Entire process of communication, raising Invoices, etc. were done manually or through multiple rudimentary softwares, which failed to satisfy customer needs. They were looking for a centralized software for hr and payroll,contract management and the CRM system.

DreamzTech has developed a cloud based customized ERP System or Enterprise Resource Planning Software using which client can manage their business functions such as CRM, Workforce Scheduling, HR and Payroll Processing, Document Management, Accounting Payables and Receivables. The enterprise resource planning software helps them to plan and utilize their resources effectively and efficiently and maximize return on investment.

Key Challenges

  • Planning and Scheduling Workforce-

    Not having an efficient client relationship management tool gives tough time to manage requirements, proposals, negotiations and processing of work orders.

  • Difficulty in getting consolidated view –

    The client was using multiple softwares for different operation of their organization. They were using spreadsheets for CRM activities and HRMS tool for resource management. Due to disintegrated softwares, there were no consolidated view of business activities and also were lacking timely billing and invoicing.

  • Manual Invoice Creation to manage multiple rates –

    High business volume requires sophisticated solutions to manage operations. Multiple disparate software tools were being used by the client, making the processes difficult, and providing seamless services and rates to their customers difficult

  • Problem with scheduling and managing timesheet –

    The client has deployed over 28000 manpower in over 5400 different sites which makes it difficult to manage their roaster and attendance. Not having clear view on roaster and attendance make it difficult to bill customers, and associated reports.

  • Dependency of Trail of Paperworks –

    Deploying a large workforce leaves a long trail of paperworks required for personnel information, employment documents, background verification, and many other documents for compliances and audits. Managing so much of paperworks without digitization is a troublesome process

  • Losses incurred due to unavailability of Labor Supply Invoices –

    When you don’t have transparency on all your resources, their duty roaster, their attendance, pricing and rates, contract details etc., it makes it hard for anyone to invoice their clients for labor supply.

  • Financial Forecasting and Audits –

    Having to manage most aspects of business operations on disparate systems comes with huge challenge to provide financial forecast and give actual valuation of payables and receivables. It makes the year end process difficult and inaccurate. It also makes auditing difficult.

  • Challenges in Fleet Tracking –

    Client provides various services for financial institutions and other industries which requires a fleet of vehicle to be tracked and invoices to their client. Not having a fleet tracking system and trip sheet management makes invoicing and billing a challenge.

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The Solution

The client required a custom Workforce Management Software. DreamzTech developed a cloud based Workforce Management Software to manage their workforce deployed for services like Disaster Management, Banking Personnel for cash remittance and ATM operations, Engineering fields (construction and Erection), Management & Administrative personnel, Housekeeping, Plumbing and others.

The client used the custom ERP solution to do workforce planning and scheduling, HR and Payroll Processing, Vehicle Fleet and Trip Management, Inventory, procurement, Document Management, Accounts and MIS.

  • Customer Relationship Management –

    The CRM Module is a vital part of an ERP to manage client interactions and relations and provide best customer experience. Custom Developed CRM helps client in handling workforce requirement enquiries, Proposals and Work orders, Contracts and Deployments. The sales funnel provides complete overview of sales status at various stages. CRM contains all the contacts and aggregates lead and customer information to build customer profiles and capture every interaction.

  • HRMS –

    HRMS or Human Resources Management Solution helps client to keep records of all their manpower, whether for outsourcing or internal employees. The HR management keeps all the related documents to an employee such as personal information, education, work history, current performance data and remittance details.
    HRMS also suggests available personnel, their rate chart with proposal requirements and helps them provide optimal performance resources with best rates for proposals and biddings.

  • Workforce Planning and Roaster Management –

    Client utilizes this module for planning available workforce for deployment and manages roaster for current deployments. With Employee Portal, employees can login and register their attendance which is shared with the company and client. Which brings trust and transparency with ease of invoicing based on contracts and its milestones.

  • Document Management System –

    Whether it is customer or personnel, all information are stored accordingly into the Document Library linked to their respective contracts. This helps them easily navigate and find all relevant documents easily and efficiently provide when required. The document Library also contains a standard checklist of documents which must be provided and recorded in order to successfully initiate a contract. This smart rules helps them to comply with statutory requirements and auditing.

  • Payroll Processing –

    From monthly payslips to full and final settlement, The Payroll Module provides all the features required for payroll administration and processing. Compliance to minimum wages requirements, standard deductions, computing variable pay, define complex pay structures, and salary revisions,

  • Tracking Vehicle Fleet and Equipment Management –

    The client not only has human workforce but also have vehicle fleet and equipment that are deployed for their customers as per requirements. With GPS tracking on fleet vehicles,trip management and route planning, they control their movement and provide compliance details to their customers as per the contract. Equipment Tracking with RFID and Barcode helps them keep track of lended assets. Fleet Module also helps with Vehicle Trip Sheets and Vehicle Maintenance management and also tracks their warranty and service history.

  • Procurement and Inventory Management –

    The client maintains multiple large inventories of PPE, Uniforms, Service Equipments, etc which are provided to their personnels upon their deployment.
    Procurement and inventory management helps them to create Purchase Orders for disposables, PPE equipment, etc, Analyse Quotes & Comparative quotes from vendors, Local Purchase Order, Track material inward Receipts and material issue notes with inspections, Raise Invoices to clients for reimbursements and Manage Stock/inventory of equipment, PPE, etc

  • Management Information System or MIS –

    An enterprise resource planning software must capture all the data from various data points in various modules and business functions, A comprehensive reporting and dashboard is required to provide end-to-end visibility on business process, performance and financial data.
    Our custom developed ERP Software came with Dashboards, Listings and Reports on each module and their corresponding activities provide complete information and visibility with drill-down effect, search and filter options, export and print features.
    DreamzTech team also developed custom dashboards for their management to provide a birds-eye view of overall performance and KPIs of different business functions such as CRM, Lead Funnel, Contract Performance, Labor Deployment V/S Manpower Available, Account receivables and payables etc.

  • Financial Accounting –

    Basic accounting features were custom developed in the ERP to manage salary, vendor payables, client receivables and reimbursements,General Ledger and Salary Voucher, Manage Bank guarantee certificates and credit letters, work orders completion certificate and reconciliation with account statements, Manage local taxes, statutory payments, TDS and employee benefits.
    DreamzTech Integrated the application with finance and accounts software Tally for tax posting and other core accounting functions such as P&L, Balance Sheet.

  • Tools and Technology:

    Back End : ASP.NET C# | MS .Net MVC | LinQ Entity Framework
    Front End : Angular | Bootstrap | JQuery | HTML 5
    Database : MS SQL Server 2017
    Reporting : MS SQL Server Reporting Services


The customized ERP solution facilitates organization in faster payroll process and the CRM activities. Using the software for a year, client could track and recover a huge amount from the outstanding invoices which were pending for long. Automated payroll process made them efficient to increase their workforce management. The benefits of the system are summarized as :

Consolidated Operational View :
The custom developed solution provided centralized and consolidated view of all the business functions of the workforce management and provided operational efficiency.

Increased Customer Trust:
With functional efficiencies in managing schedule, deployment, timely billing and invoicing with proper information and attendance records helped them gain back customer loyalty and trust.

Financial Benefits :
Client was facing heavy losses due to insufficient service records, attendances, untimely billing which were resolved after implementation of new Workforce Management ERP Solution. It brought their clients to see provided service records, contracts and payment milestones clearly and see created invoices.

Reduced Documentation Risks :
Digital document repository enabled client to access and produce documents when required meeting contractual and statutory requirements.

Streamlined Business Function :
Business functions such as customer relations, proposal and bidding, contract and deployment, tracking deployment progress, billing and invoices, PPE and Inventory etc are streamlined as all users work in a synchronized manner with efficient communication.

Efficient Communications :
The solution exhibits regular email communications, alert emails, and regular notifications on various time sensitive business functions and general functions such as invoicing and billing.

Effective Operation :
The newly implemented solution helped them in achieving operational effectiveness by connecting all the business functions to work together.

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