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A decade old and the largest resource and facility management organization based in India was facing a lot of issues with their age-old windows app which was obviously not helping grow their business.



A decade old and the largest resource and facility management organization based in India was facing a lot of issues with their age-old windows app which was obviously not helping grow their business. They approached us to help us analyze the problems understanding their present problems and business and provide them with an appropriate solution. Dreamztech analyzed the current business problems for the client and our team of experts with an in-depth understanding of new-age technologies delivered them a solution that transformed their business by the implementation of the latest technologies and migrating their data warehouse smoothly into the ERP solution.


  • Unification of data
    from all equipment onto a single platform and automated interpretation.
  • Registering a sample for
    machine with upper and lower reading limits so that alerts can be generated in case
    abrupt fluctuations.
  • Process data and represent
    the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision
  • Using Industrial IoT to
    monitor equipment health and provide scheduled maintenance, proactive and preventive
  • Platform to view the
    status of a machine and the ability to view its breakdown history.
  • The solution also provided
    option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA and IoT.


  • Difficulty in scaling and up-gradation to keep up the pace with demands.
  • The existing system was growing prone to security threats as present software did not allow regular updates of patches.
  • Cumbersome data access and processing system and multiple, disjointed workflow processes and information.
  • Present software unable to operate with pan India operation and inability to integrate with partners and vendors.
  • The core business modules were facing performance issues and operation was slow due to faulty workflow.
  • Lengthy, manual process for generating management reports and a lack of proper software support for the business.
  • Lack of real-time notification and transparency on activities and a lot of manual paperwork was required.


  • A scalable platform developed on C#, MVC, HTML5, and RESTful API.
  • The new application meets the latest standards in cybersecurity and the software architecture supports regular upgrades.
  • A unified web portal with a role-based access system and associated workflows are accessible from a single application.
  • All modules work under one umbrella which can be operated pan India and one-click solution to connect with all the vendors.
  • Faster transaction processing even with increased load and easy, intuitive screens and workflow for faster operations.
  • One-click customizable reports generation option and multiple modules developed as microservice and integrated.
  • The software provided alerts and notification systems and the implementation of software to reduce paperwork.


Approach from DreamzTech

The customer wanted a solution to manage medical worker compensation and their work assignment as well as individual patients on a single platform. The solution developed by DreamzTech integrates two platforms into a single functional one to manage the employee’s activity and compensation along with the patient history in the form of a case through the same platform. The solution is a multi-tenant platform with custom branding.


DreamzTech engaged onshore Business Analysts to interview stakeholders from client premises and gather requirements. They worked with offshore BAs and Solution Architects for further elicitation.


The architects from DreamzTech analyzed existing software against requirements to determine Technology to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. Consideration for data migration was planned. The plan was segregated into phases.


Our team comprising Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for months following Agile methodology for technology implementation. ERP system was developed in web technology with integrated and updated new modules.


DreamzTech provided the client with a platform to manage the growing demands of their customers and keep up the pace with evolving technologies and evolving business strategies. The client provides end to end resource and facility management across India to many esteemed banks and financial institutions, the software helped the client reduce paperwork and helped them to track employee activities through the platform. The software solution helped the client to increase revenue by reducing complexity in the existing manual workflow.

Key Application Features

The B2B eCommerce platform owned by the client constitutes several large and complex Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

best erp for manufacturing industry Lead Management

This module allows gathering information, such as contact details, level of interest, company size, etc. about a potential business client. It allows adding a lead against a new business of any existing one.

manufacturing ERP solution Contacts

Details of an individual from businesses/clients are managed in this module. Basic details of an individual along with Job Role/designation can be stored here. Multiple contacts can be associated with a client.

manufacturing erp Opportunity

Here All sales prospects can be created. An opportunity passes through different stages in its life cycle. Opportunity can be a normal type or tender type. Stages are very much dependent on the type of opportunity itself.

manufacturing ERP Quotation

Quotations can be created for both normal types of tender type Opportunities. Depending upon different business verticals like Fleet, Facility, manpower, etc. different types of quotation can be created.

manufacturing erp Tender

Tenders are a special type of opportunity with different life cycles. Every tender can have quotations. It includes features to manage earnest money.

manufacturing erp solution Contracts

All details related to a business agreement are managed here. Winning an opportunity creates a Contract. This allows managing services, purchase orders, and sales orders. There is an option to renew any existing contract.

manufacturing erp system Invoicing

Invoices can be generated automatically or manually. These are generated from Contracts. Formats can be defined for invoices. Option to define threshold limits is there for auto-generated invoices.

digital ad platform Credit Control

This allows keeping track of all unpaid invoices. Depending upon credit periods and credit limits notifications can be sent to various levels of users.

b2b travel portal Client Portal

All clients will have credentials to access this portal. From here clients can view invoices, services, and historical data. It also allows them to provide feedback or lodge complaints. A key module keeps transparent communication with clients.

manufacturing erp system HRM module

Candidates’ and Employees’ detailed information are managed here. Starting from appointment to separation all features are there to manage the life cycle of an employee.

digital ad platform Job assignment

job assignment of field workers deployed to various client locations is managed through this option. Office staff can be deployed to different departments of different branches depending upon the skill sets of an employee.

b2b travel portal Attendance

This module keeps track of Biometric devices used for the attendance of internal staff and a master roll based automated attendance system used for field workers. This module manages the holiday calendar and leaves. A client wise holiday calendar and leave management process is there for all dedicated client-side field workers.

asset management system Payroll

Manage salary processing of office staff made on predefined salary structures. Manage bulk salary processing, payslip generation, stop payment, loan and installment processing, reimbursement processing, etc.

digital ad platform Minimum Wages

Helps to track state and central level minimum wages across different zones, notification on salary revision, wage revision across contracts for all employees.

b2b travel portal Compliance

Allows generating various compliance reports. Send notification to shared compliance reports with clients according to the agreement.

asset management system User Management

Roles can be created by providing a module-level view or write permissions. Super admin can provide access to the ERP system to some specific employees by creating a user against that employee and by assigning a role.

digital ad platform Employee Portal

Employees can log in and manage specific details here. They also can view or download payslips, apply for leave and reimbursement. They can request for attendance regularisation. The HR department can broadcast important messages or birthday and anniversary wishes which will be visible to all employees from this portal.

b2b travel portal Task management

An automatic task management system that creates tasks depending on some predefined actions and assigns to users. The user assignment for auto-generated tasks is configurable. Users can also create tasks manually from specific modules and can assign them to other users. Assigned users can view tasks and can mark them completed.

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