Ecommerce App Solution

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The Solution Consists of the two Interconnected Components

Progressive Web App for Customer

All the products and service informations are always accessible to customer digitally and in real-time, even when they are not connected to internet. E-commerce integrated seamlessly

Administration Portal for Workshop Manager

Business owners can manage the e-commerce service listing. They can also integrate appointment request scheduling, customers, services, in real-time hassle free. They can also publish blogs over the digital media to build encouragements between the customers and users.

Why US?

  • The Progressive E-commerce is a professional ready solution which provides global customers with an improved experience using both PCs and mobile devices.
  • Integration of Social Messaging Media (Specially WhatsApp) chat support makes the customer support easy.
  • This solution gets integrated with business owner’s existing web and/or mobile app and is seamlessly connected to existing service booking module.
  • Your customers can simply click or tap on the app Icon present on the web and/or mobile app and start communicating instantly.

Customers PWA

Easy Search

Find it easy Lets the customers search the nearby service stations according to the customer location. They can also sort the search according to the name (alphabetical).

Easy Updates

Updates at Fingertips Customer can check all the updates for the products and services from the app. They can get easy updates for upcoming events, promotions, brand launch, etc.

Easy Service Booking

Save your time Users can avoid the long wait in stores and chambers to book their appointment. They can easily book their slot through the app and can save their wait and time.

Digital Gallery

One Stop Gallery Integration of social medias under helps the to bring all the galleries to a single click. The customers do not need to download individual apps or follow accounts individually.

Product Awareness

Let the Customers Know Publish the listing of the various products through the app. The users can browse the products according to their needs that are being launched in the market.

Easy Access

Make it Easy The PWA makes it easy for the users to look for all the services and products under one app. They do not have to look for different counters for different services.

Easy Checkout

Pay as you like Customers can make payments without the worry of their personal details getting stored. They can also choose their preferred payment mode to make transactions easier.

Online Blogs

Know it yourself The customer can check the regular blogs of experts to know about the various products and services that is being offered by the e-commerce website.

Admin Portal

Product Listing

Let It Show Use the admin portal to list the advertisement for your partner. Publish more advertisement of products and services to attract more customers use the app.

Appointment Scheduling

Kill the wait Use the app to manage your booking requests. Plan and schedule appointments accordingly to avoid the rush during peak hours.

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharing Users can launch the web app from a URL. You can also broadcast your business on Facebook, in an online ad or text message.

Blog Management

Showcase your Business Set up blogs and make it available to them according to the market needs. Showcase your best products to attract more users.

Whatsapp Chat Integration

Make it Easy Manage the customer support seamlessly to ease the pressure for the customers. You can integrate Whatsapp chat with the app to make conversations easy for the customers.

Global Notification

Reach the customers globally in no time The global push notifications help to reach all the customers quickly and to convey them the upcoming\ ongoing products and services.

Key Features of Progressive Ecommerce

Easy appointment booking module for customers

Go through the blogs and testimonials for news update and reviews

Go through the blogs and testimonials for news update and reviews

Various security layers and personal logins makes trustworthy online transactions

Digital gallery allows the user to check medias from various platform under one app

Check your best selling product and services

Easy Branding & online Promotions through the app

Bypass App stores and launch app direct from the link with “Add to home screen” option

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