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Case Study – Dating App Development

US Based Startup chose DreamzTech dating app development team and created a Dating App & Event Promotional App

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The global online dating application market size was valued at $ 7.05 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6% from 2021 to 2028. The North American region keeps the most market share among all the 5 regions. In 2021, the total number of users of Dating applications was estimated to be over 323 millions globally.

The client is an Online Dating App & Event Promotion startup with a vision to build a one stop solution for social dating app bringing the dating venues, sponsors and advertisers together for building an unique dating social media experience.

DreamzTech’s experienced Social Media App development team has not only created a user friendly,engaging, feature-rich dating app for the end users but also built a multifaceted revenue generating SaaS platform to onboard, setup and manage other business users such as Party Venue Owners, Advertisers, Venue Managers, Stewart etc. Different subscriptions, event promotions and configurable commission models for business users made sure of the sustainability and growth aspects of the client.

While building a dating app, the solution also got integrated with 3rd party tools and solutions such as Stripe payment gateway for seamless online payment and amount authorization, Twillo for SMS service, AWS SES for email service, Opentok for Chat/audio/video calling, Google API for Map and Location service.

With the custom developed Dating App & Event Promotion Business Management Platform, the client onboarded and engaged more than 5k dating app users and realized exponential growth in the revenue within a short span of time.

Key Challenges

  • Creating an engaging and rich experience of searching, browsing, flirting and communication using the online dating platform
  • Helping the users with the appropriate means to start engaging their intended dating partners
  • Attract more users to signup the platform, spend more time on the application to build and grow the social network
  • Providing the users with meaningful and relevant information to make their dating experience better
  • Minimize onboarding and platform management effort for the participating businesses and also providing in-built social marketing tool
  • Providing the sponsors and advertisers with the right tool to reach their target audience with multiple media and create potential business leads to follow up
  • Creating a flexible, configurable, transparent and easy to use business management platform for the client along with data driven analytics for well informed decision making

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The Solution

DreamzTech team worked closely with the client to understand their business model and vision and designed an unique custom Social Dating App & Event Promotion platform that rightly meet the business requirement. The custom built solution also got integrated with multiple 3rd party solutions to perform certain tasks such as Stripe payment gateway for seamless online payment, subscription charges and authorized amount deduction, Twilio for SMS service, AWS SES for email service, Opentok for Chat/audio/video calling, Google API for Map and Location service.

  • DreamzTech developed native Android and iOS app for end users to perform all user onboarding functionalities starting from sign up, account activation, sign in to profile and Payment Card management
  • Using the App the users are able to find all nearby users as per their profile and search preference criteria, view the potential dating partner profile, Like and send friend request, accept/reject request, add/block users within their friend list
  • The users are able to find dating venues and can locate on map based on their preferred location and locality, check the venue profile, images, videos, live cam streaming, upcoming events etc. which gives the venue owners the advantage of marketing within the platform
  • The users are enabled to send sponsor listed gifts and offer drinks to intended partner by transacting online within the app and are able to communicate with each other privately or within a group using chat, audio call and video call in real time and are also able to share pictures and videos within the app user community tagging the venue
  • The push notification functionality enables the end users to receive all notifications due to any activity around their account
  • Geofencing based venue check-in functionality for the users within the app provided transparent footfall count in realtime and provided users with the ability to view the checked-in user profiles to find a dating partner within the venue
  • The Integrated loyalty program enables the users to collect loyalty points on each activities as set by Admin and can redeem them while making making any transaction
  • The marketing website proved to be instrumental to onboard new dating venues and advertisers online and respective venue management and advertisement management portal helped the business users to manage their financial transactions and operational tasks
  • The Web based administrative portal helped the client to setup business rules, manage subscriptions, manage onboarded venues and advertisers, track customers and all financial transactions at the client’s fingertips
  • Last but not the least, the analytical dashboard majorly helped the client to understand the business performance real time and make appropriate business decisions
  • Technology:

    Laravel, JQuery, MySQL, AWS, Swift (iOS), Android Java,

  • Tools:

    Stripe Payment Gateway, Twilio, OpenTok, AWS SES, Google API


The dating app development team of DreamzTech has developed a custom Dating App & Event Promotional Platform to provide a unique blend of excellent end user experience & engagement, transparent financial transactions and powerful business management tool for the client to carry out a well organized, data driven, motivated, sustainable and growth oriented business within the competitive market.


Over 5K+ users successfully registered and engaged using the social dating app platform


Excellent user engagement and experience, socially connected user base, Inherent social marketing capability of the platform, ROI driven advertisement management and data-driven analytics enabled gaining quick market share


The increased user engagement helped the client to capture user data and create user persona for further engagement and promotions


Better insightful analysis of user and financial transaction data helped all the participating business users taking a well informed decision


The integrated loyalty program and user referrals helped the client to grow the user base and create more opportunity of business exponentially

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