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A Cruise line company from US


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Provide Online cruises booking portal and manage tours

Project Overview — Cruise Management app for voyagers and staffs to Manage & Keep Track of Activities even in offline mode

This platform is built for a leading cruise tour operator who provides cruise vacation services to accommodate adults and families living with children with Special Needs, including Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Tourette
Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and all Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

The client wanted to develop an android and IOS app for cruise management with admin portal to help voyagers with complete digital transformation of their records to increase efficiency and flexibility and keeping all records in
one place.

In most cruises the voyagers are not able to see any record or use the handhelds as network coverage is very weak once the cruise starts sailing.

With the mobile app voyagers and staff of the cruise can update and track any activity even if they are offline for sometime due to network coverage issue in the seas.

The cruise management portal thus developed is an interactive online and offline portal to keep track and manage activities of the voyagers who are onboard.

File manager and offline app allows secure all data in one place

Managing all the documents and records of the voyagers in a cruise can be impossible and manual processing or filling of data can lead to error and inaccurate projections. Connecting to people while on cruise and getting them engaged
can be a tough job while the voyage has already started due to issues like fluctuating networks while sailing.

This cruise management solution we developed helped to overcome the challenges through an admin panel with an inbuilt file manager which ensured all the documents and records of the voyagers are collected digitally and managed
from a single interface.

Business problems

  • Lack of centralized data for Voyagers

    The Owner had no centralized data of the users who are in the cruise. Even the documents had no backup and were not managed at one place while in cruise.

  • Manual distribution of important documents to Voyagers

    While the cruise is sailing, it can be difficult to manually distribute forms for collecting any information from the voyagers. This is time consuming, costly and leads to inappropriate management of cruise

  • No internet connection in the sea

    Once the cruise is out in the sea, there is network related problems which hindered the operations. No offline sync was available either.

  • Access Control

    Physical documentation is not only time consuming but it also limits role based access of data. It would be very difficult to maintain access control for every staff when records are maintained and managed physically
    or electronically in spreadsheets.

  • Disconnect between cruise admin and voyagers

    While cruising the administrators had no direct contact with the Voyagers or Staffs on the Cruise.

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • The cruise management solution has helped the admin and staffs to smoothly manage the voyagers.
  • All the documents can now be stored and viewed in a matter of clicks.
  • No more manual processing of data now. Staff members can easily manage the data through the app.
  • The app works in no internet zones and so managing of the documents becomes more easy and no one misses out on a particular document or update.
  • Push notification concept ensures a more organized and informed voyagers, thus reducing chances of a bigger risk.


Active Voyagers


Cruises Successfully Managed


Staffs Managed successfully


Documents Managed

Solutions provided by DreamzTech

Centralized File management system

Maintaining of physical records is costly and ineffective. The Digital File Manager helps to keep all the documents centrally managed and easily distributed.

Role Based Access Control to the Informations

Role based access control helped administrators to distribute relevant informations to the respective persons that can be easily managed via web admin portal.

Offline Sync

The cruise management solution allows tracking of activities of the voyagers real time while sailing. Any offline activity still gets recorded and saved for later for sync.

On-Demand reaching out to voyagers via push notifications

The cruise administrators find it difficult to communicate with the voyagers while the cruise is sailing . So through the push notification feature of the app, the admin can send out notifications to voyagers when they need
to communicate with them for any update or in case there is an urgency or emergency.

Offline mode in app for lack of Internet Connections in the sea

The app was built in such a way that it works even if there is no internet connection while cruising in the sea,. This help the voyagers and staffs to get updated easily and stay connected with each other even without active
internet connection.

Key Features

How DreamzTech helped and ensure end-to-end solution

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Onshore Business Analysts from DreamzTech interviewed stakeholders from client premises and gathered requirements for the project. They worked with offshore Business Analyst and Solution Architects for analyzing the business objectives
as discussed with the client.

Project Planning and Execution

The dedicated team assigned to the project analyzed the objectives of the project and the probable solutions to determine technologies to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. For developing an application
compatible with Android and iOS and the web portal, we planned to segregate the project into multiple phases with separate deadlines.

UAT and Deployment

Our team consisting of Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts has been working with the client for over last 15 months to develop and keep enhancing the platform based on live users’ suggestions/needs.
The team delivered along with several new enhancements following Agile methodology for technology implementation with continued support.


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