Manufacturing giant implements Industry 4.0 ERP with Compound Management System to improve productivity by 21% while cutting down their operating cost by 13%

Key Features

Next-gen Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Solution for tomorrow’s manufacturing hubs to operate and control production at optimum level.

Challenges of today’s Manufacturing Hubs

Most of today’s manufacturing systems depend heavily on skilled labours and experienced managers to control the operational processes. Managing the data of production and output is still mostly a manual operation and every
predictive analysis works based on individual’s experience of the industry. This results in low accuracy and unforeseen delays that ultimately lead to the loss of business.


  • Inefficient planning due to lack of visibility into the historical data
  • High chance of human error in production due to unavailability of centralized production parameter controls
  • Low production efficiency due to unforeseen problems and maintenance issues of machineries
  • Reduced profitability because of poor inventory management
  • Inefficient waste control and re-usage resulting low profit margin.
  • Low customer satisfaction due to inconsistencies in sales fulfillment
  • Statutory and financial non-compliance due to ineffective data management.

How DreamzTech CMS can help

Our CMS solution gives your manufacturing hub the roadmap focusing on leveraging your existing OT investments, improving your key metrics and setting your direction based on Industry 4.0 standards so that you can scale your
production, improve production efficiency, reduce raw material loss and waste and ensure higher profit margin.

  • Master Data are managed from the beginning and centrally to ensure data consistency throughout the geographic locations.

  • Parameterized formulation control to design your product template and improve production efficiency.

  • Journey based process management for better distribution and utilization of expertise as and when required.

  • IoT enabled stock control to track and trace raw materials, finished and delivered goods.

  • AI-based production planner to ensure best utilization of time by combining multiple similar jobs that reduces change over time and reduces the cost.

  • Real-time manufacturing process monitoring with IoT sensors for reporting and better maintenance of the machineries.

  • Predictive analysis of stock considering historical data, market demand and external sources to project market demand and to ensure 100% production up-time.

  • AI-based alarm, notification and auto-ordering system for critical raw materials to ensure optimum stock control.

  • Digital Twin and augmented reality setup to facilitate training that reduces overall cost of using actual machineries and reduces the chance of any error in production line.

  • Edge computing to ensure low-latency in production and hybrid cloud architecture to ensure global monitoring and planning.

  • Globally accessible dashboards and MIS Reports to drive the business remotely and from anywhere.

Business Transformation with Dreamztech CMS

Our manufacturing specialist team will co-work with you to create the roadmap of your digital manufacturing transformation and improve the key metrics. Our focus is on the following

  • Workout the plan of your business transformation with Industry 4.0 reference and architecture.
  • Manage and modify the application architecture as required based on your existing operations and procedures.
  • Setup IoT infrastructure and edge computing infrastructure for local data processing with minimum latency.
  • Deploy and manage the solution based on production requirements.
  • Train your personnel to drive the application effectively while creating MR based training materials for future training and maintenance.

Get started today

Architecture that drives scalability, process flexibility and data security

Our hybrid cloud architecture enables you to scale horizontally and vertically while you can customize any process that fits your organization best. .

IoT and Edge Computing to modernize manufacturing and increase OEE

Our smart sensors and terminal processors can drive maintenance and project potential problems reducing downtime and increasing overall OEE.

Predictive Stock Analysis that supports uninterrupted production every time

Our AI based predictive stock analysis drives the stock and purchase of critical raw materials to ensure stock availability as and when required.

Stock Traceability to help manage Stock and trace the problem with final product

Track your materials from the point it arrives to your factory to the point it is used in your final product and find the issues quickly.

Process automation to reduce human-error and last minute plan changes

Smart production planner and AI-based stock management can drive your operations with minimal engagement of human resources.

Localized production with global MIS reporting to help drive business from anywhere

While our terminal processors manage data locally to ensure low latency, our hybrid cloud ensures data is available globally and in real-time.

Dreamztech CMS Value Proposition

Superior Financial Outcomes

  • Approx. 35% TCO reduction
  • Approx. 13% Operating Cost reduction
  • Approx. 17% Delivery improvement

Effective Inventory Management

  • Approx. 22% Inventory Cost reduction
  • Approx. 15% increase in Stock Efficiency
  • End to end stock-trace

Fast and Accurate Process Management

  • Approx. 50% effort reduction
  • 100% automated order processing
  • Approx. 21% production efficiency improvement

Optimized Resource Utilization

  • Approx. 18% improvement in manufacturing schedule compliance
  • Approx. 8% raw material waste reduction

Enhanced Decision Making

  • Improved feedback across organization
  • Automated notification of problems
  • Predictive warning on possible malfunctio
  • Real-time globally available MIS reports

Improved Customer Service

  • Customer specific packaging
  • Robust Price-list
  • Improved problem tracking with stock traceability

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