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These communities provide a platform for the users to communicate with each other around a shared interest for social and business purposes.



In the modern world, people are gradually becoming dependent on the internet and as a result, in the last few years, the existence of online communities has increased substantially. These communities provide a platform for the users to communicate with each other around a shared interest for social and business purposes. Different community websites are available on the internet with their own unique range of features to offer. Our client owned a community-building website which was not performing very well in comparison to the other online communities. We helped them to redesign their website from scratch and implement new interactive features in order to compete with all the other internet communities. We incorporated new unique features to the website and delivered the client a revamped community builder website.


  • Unification of data
    from all equipment onto a single platform and automated interpretation.
  • Registering a sample for
    machine with upper and lower reading limits so that alerts can be generated in case
    abrupt fluctuations.
  • Process data and represent
    the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision
  • Using Industrial IoT to
    monitor equipment health and provide scheduled maintenance, proactive and preventive
  • Platform to view the
    status of a machine and the ability to view its breakdown history.
  • The solution also provided
    option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA and IoT.

Business Problems

  • The existing site has reached an optimum point with unmanaged data that made the site unresponsive.
  • The existing customers got frustrated with data loss and huge performance lagging.
  • The customers find it difficult to get content as the UI of the site is not intuitive.
  • As the site manages a considerable amount of data, the absence of advance search makes end-users life difficult.
  • New interactive features like message boards to interact between individuals were missing.


  • We migrated all the existing data into a new database after completing the data mapping of the existing database.
  • Optimized database performance even with huge data load which improved the performance by many folds.
  • Optimized website performance and gave a complete makeover to the UI with intuitive design.
  • The newly revamped website incorporates Sphinx search to find loads of data in minimum time.
  • Interactive features like message board, blogging and forum access were added to the new website.


Approach from DreamzTech

Dreamztech has replaced the existing website with the new one from scratch to improve the user interface of the site and integrate new features to the new site. The solution was focused to provide a lightweight, intuitive and user-friendly platform, that can be accessed seamlessly by the users.


Dreamztech deployed business analysts to communicate with the client and analyze their requirements. To mitigate the problems that the client was experiencing the analysts suggested the best possible solution. After the client’s approval, we analyzed the possible workflow for the solution.


The detailed analysis was followed by the planning of the workflow after detailed discussions with architects and business leads of Dreamztech. The project was divided into multiple phases and distributed to designing, development and testing teams with deadlines for the timely deployment of the project.


The project consisted of dedicated Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts. The dedicated team for the project followed Agile methodology for technology implementation and worked with the client for 8 months and deployed the new fully functional website within the proposed time frame.


The solution provided a platform to the users of the community to post adds, jobs and communicate with each other. The portal provided information about new jobs available within the area, which helped users to find and apply for jobs. Users were able to market their products to a huge number of people through forums and adds. Users were able to create nearest events in the calendar and view entries made by other users which helped to build a virtual community. Users were able to enlist properties for sale and view properties to buy. The platform provided an end to end community development solution that helped all the user exchange ideas and build a better community.

Key Application Features

The community-based website solution owned by the client constitutes several Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

automated oil changeCreate Community

Users can register on the platform. Users can create a public or private community on the platform.

fleet management -asset managementBusiness Listing

Users can enlist their business and end users can see their featured business enlisted in exchange for a plan.

asset order manageClassified Add

Users can enlist their Advertisement in classified ad sections in exchange for a payment plan.

asset management systemMessage Board

Users can exchange real-time messages with individual members Group messaging can be done to exchange messages in a chat room to reach a number of users at once.

digital ad platformCalendar

This is an Event Management section Publishing of event is subject to Admin approval. User can enlist their event in this section to publish on the website. Users can add up events on the community platform.

b2b travel portalCommunity Management

Super admin can manage all the community members and all the joining requests, moderator requests, and community requests from the platform.

asset management systemForum

Users can start a new thread or can join a thread. End users can participate in an ongoing discussion. Users can start their own thread to discuss in this section.

digital ad platformHouse Listing

Users can enlist the business as a featured list. The End users can enlist their House to sell and end users can buy enlisted houses from the list.

b2b travel portalBlog

Users have access to the blog section where they can post a blog or view other blogs.

asset management systemTheme Change

Super admin has the option to customize the look & feel by choosing a different color theme for the platform.

digital ad platformJob Listing

Users can submit a job or view the listed jobs. Job seekers can look for jobs and job providers can list their jobs.

b2b travel portalPush Notification

Users can receive a push notification from super admin for any transactions made through the platform.

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