Club owner launches an ‘icebreaker’ app to monetize when people connect through it


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About the Client


A Night Club Chain Owner


Local Search Engine (Nightbar Clubs)




It provides an app that helps the users to find out venues they can check-in and helps them initiating a conversation

Project Overview — Solving socialization issues through an App

Humans are social being and nobody loves being isolated in a social gathering. Irrespective of shy or an introvert, everyone loves to connect with another human. So, here the idea was to develop an app where people can connect with other peers in a venue. It’s more like when two people are in a place together but don’t know how to break the ice to initiate a conversation.

So this app basically help users check-in into a venue and see who else are also checked in and hence they can break a conversation by a single push — “Can I Buy You A Drink”, which sends a drink offer.

The app leverages Google Maps to show listed venues and check-in. Users can follow, become friends, send tangible gifts, chat, text or video with friends. An important feature of the app is “Icebreaker’s Night”. Users can take photos and videos when checked into a venue and a dynamic collage of images, sent to the user’s registered email after checking out from the venue. The platform used Stripe Payment Gateway to process payments for drinks, gifts, subscriptions etc.

The platform has a business portal for partners to login and manage venue listings, opening and closing hours, drinks offerings, gifts, orders, deliveries etc.

The client uses Administrator portal to manage businesses subscription, their billing account, and other aspects of the solution.

Designed for how humans actually connect

Some people cannot break the ice with the person sitting next to them. To solve this problem, the app allows its users to view other people profile and connect with them; thus, breaking the ice. When two people connect, there is a sense of belongingness, and they start to build a relationship based on their social needs.

Business problems

  • How do I find right people to connect with?

    People want to connect based on their choices such as race, ethnicity, age, hairstyle, relationship terms, sexual orientation, body build etc.

  • How do I initiate a Conversation to connect?

    Some people cannot find the right lines to initiate a conversation.

  • Find the place where friends are.

    When people check in into a place, they forget to let their friends know where they are, which can create distances.

  • Know when you have friends around.

    Know your connections when they are around through notifications.

  • Are you a shy or an introvert type of person?

    Often shy or introvert person wants to connect but they just can’t approach.

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • The app allows like minded people to socialize which resulted in increased popularity of the app.
  • The facilitate real conversations in real-time.
  • It is now being a medium to connect to the people present nearby through the app and meet them.
  • The client generated revenue through subscriptions from app users, venue owners and advertisers.
  • Businesses were able to showcase special offers and promote events, resulting in increased footfall and sales.

5500 +

Active Users

120 +

Venue Joined

1500 +

Users Connected

3000 +

Drinks Served

Solutions provided by DreamzTech

Persona-based Matching

A dynamic match builder to choose and connect with people and suggest a list of preferable matches.

Build Connection

Based on matches, users can connect and build relationships or have fun by checking into a venue together, share drinks, gifts, share photos and capture their moments on “Icebreaker’s Night”.

Nearby Connect

App Users can see a list of their nearby app users and distance and view the user profile and make connection. Know your connections when they are around through notifications.

Highly Secured Payment System

The platform uses Stripe Payment Gateway to process payments for drinks, gifts, subscriptions etc.

Robust admin and partner portal

A robust admin and partner portal to manage profiles, accounts, billing, subscriptions etc.

Key Features

How DreamzTech helped and ensure end-to-end solution

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Onshore Business Analysts from DreamzTech interviewed stakeholders from client premises and gathered requirements for the project. They worked with offshore Business Analyst and Solution Architects for analyzing the business objectives as discussed with the client.

Project Planning and Execution

The dedicated team assigned to the project analyzed the objectives of the project and the probable solutions to determine technologies to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. For developing an application compatible with Android and iOS, we planned to segregate the project into multiple phases with separate deadlines.

UAT and Deployment

Our team consisting of Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for over 7 months. The team delivered along with several new enhancements following Agile methodology for technology implementation with continued support.


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