Classifieds and Order Management

Why only let your customer indulge their taste buds! Give them an indulging experience too.

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The solution consists of the four interconnected components

Business Directory and Progressive Web App for Customers

The customer will get a directory lists of all the business near their location. They can enjoy the food from the restaurant by placing an order from their table and can make an early payment which will help credit/debit/players Card to skip the queue. This will lead to real-time hassle free services.

Super Administration Portal for Our Client

The Super-admin(Client) can manage all the activities including addition of new business, creating accounts for business owners, manage the food orders, services, in real-time hassle free. They provides authentications to the business owners to access the app.

Progressive Web App for Business Owner

The business app will be created and assigned by the Super-admin. The app will contain the list of services and restaurants that are attached to the business. The business owners can easily reach the customers and expand their business with good will.

Sub- Administration Portal for Business Owner

business Owner can manage the app, accounts, food orders, services, e-commerce in real-time hassle free. They can also send SMS notification along with geo and push notification to their customers to build build encouragements among the customers.

Why US?

  • The In-House Food and Beverages Order system is a food ordering solution which is build in Progress Web App technology.
  • The customer can enjoy the food from the restaurant by placing an order from their table and can make an early payment which will help them to skip the queue.
  • The business owners have the power to bypass app stores and simply share the URL/link by any medium and once your client open it - they would be connected with the mobile app.

Customer PWA

Digital Menu

Interactive menu card Digital menu makes interaction less complicated with excellent customer experience. Addition of new items, price change becomes easy to update rather than printed static menu.

Digital Listing

Interactive Business Listing Digital listing makes things less complicated with excellent experience. Addition of new changes becomes easy to update and notify.

Prior Payment

Pay in Advance An early payment helps in jumping the queue and avoid direct conversation with the staffs. The customer pay using credit/debit card or through the play card(COD) enjoy the games and ambience hazel-free.

Get direction

Navigate to the Business The location map helps in tracing the nearby businesses through google navigator.


Jump the queue Online pick-up helps the customers to pick the food up at the preferred time and can make an early payment which will help them skip the queue.

Quick Search

Meet your Choice Instantly A customer can easily trace the respective business through the instant app. They can also sort the search according to the filters.

Online Dine-in

Hassle free service Forget the waiter/staffs and place your order faster from table and pay the bills prior to your dine-in and enjoy.

Easy Share

Sharing made easier Using the share option the customer can easily share the business they enjoy with the close ones. This helps in promotion and convey their interest over the business.

Offline Content

On the go Forget the wait for internet connections. Use the app on offline mode as well. Browse through the app without being connected to the internet.

Game Listing

List of all games in an event List your events/games for your people. Create the list of games and events for your users and allow them to choose and plan accordingly.

Video Streaming

Real-time Visualization Of the App Gets a help desk as a tutorial video on how to access the app, which helps in engaging the customer and make the app much friendlier and handy.

Admin Portal

Manage Business

Expand your business Publish the upcoming business’s to attract customers. Client can active/inactive the accounts and provides user authentications to the business owners to access the app.

Manage Customer

Manage your customers easy Admin can check the customer details. The portal also allows to update and manage your customer information easily any time.

Business Exposure

Reach to wide range of customers Businesses will get a ready platform to be enlisted and ready customer base to cater. That will give a better business exposure and at the same time will keep enriching the platform itself.

Manage Booking Request

Manage request seamlessly and save timeManage and sort the request and quickly communicate with the participant improves experience between the host.

Order Management

Track your ordersYou can check the total number of orders placed within the day. You can also check the number of orders that has already been delivered or in progress of delivery.

SMS Notification

Reach the customers quicklyThe SMS notifications help to reach the customer registered and placed food order quickly with no time to convey them the present status of their food when prepared.

Event Management

Let customer Explore Publish the upcoming events to attract participants. Customer can plan accordingly to their best event. This creates more customer engagements

Geo Notification

Reach the customer quickly The geo notifications help to reach the customer quickly with no time and to convey them the present on-going events and promotions.


Track how much you made Track all your billing detail in real-time and payouts too. Categorical billing info gives you better insight to drive your business growth

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharingUsers can launch the web app from a URL. You can also broadcast your business on Social Media, in an online ad or text message.

Service Management

Your digital service catalogueAdd the services you offer. You can also edit and update your services location wise including price and display to your customers instantly.

Manage Location

Your footprint mattersAdd, update and manage multiple service locations along with phone numbers and display to your customers.

Super-Admin(Client) Portal

All Admin Features

Power of Creator As super admin the creator and authentication provider so they have access to all the features that lies for the admin.

Digitalised App Listing

Showcase your list Admin can add and showcase the various business across the country. Users from various locations can easily search their nearby business with the easy search option.

Sub-admin Creator

Manage your customers easy You can add your sub-admin details. The portal also allows to update and manage your sub-admin information easily any time.

Global Notification

Reach the customers quickly The global notifications help to reach the customer quickly with no time and to convey them the present on-going special events and promotions.

Key Features of Progressive Event Engagement

Track and manage order seamlessly.

Reach to wide range of customers in short time.

Interactive menu card helps in placing orders.

Reaching and retrieving new customers are easier

Online ordering and dine-in facilities

Geo and Global push Notifications

Huge cost cutting in branding & promotions

No download needed, just scan and open the link - you are connected with the mobile app.

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