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DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop such a solution on the B2B model whereby schools and districts would subscribe and onboard educators, students, and their parents.



The client is a Florida based nonprofit organization that focuses on special education for children. They wanted to develop a platform for teachers, tutors and schools to record the behavioral pattern of children to facilitate character improvements. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop such a solution on the B2B model whereby schools and districts would subscribe and onboard educators, students, and their parents. The application allows Teachers and Parents to assess a child’s behavioral pattern against the behavioral intervention plan. All ABC data (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence), as recorded by the parent/teacher is analyzed and converted into reports with visual charts and tables.


  • Unification of data
    from all equipment onto a single platform and automated interpretation.
  • Registering a sample for
    machine with upper and lower reading limits so that alerts can be generated in case
    abrupt fluctuations.
  • Process data and represent
    the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision
  • Using Industrial IoT to
    monitor equipment health and provide scheduled maintenance, proactive and preventive
  • Platform to view the
    status of a machine and the ability to view its breakdown history.
  • The solution also provided
    option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA and IoT.

Facing Business Problems

  • A Lightweight App, accessible to teachers, psychologists and parents.
  • Ability to record Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence data for children.
  • Ability to view and analyze child ABC at both school and at home.
  • Visual representation of ABC data to track improvements.
  • Comparison tool between intended ABC trend and actual data.
  • Collaboration and communication channel for educators and parents.
  • Customizable progress summary report with export option.
  • B2B subscription model for schools and in-app ads.


  • PWA for teachers, psychologists and parents accessible from any device.
  • Record Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence data for children with just a few taps.
  • ABC records added by teachers and parents made visible to both parties.
  • The app generates frequency and duration graphs for ABC for any period, instantly.
  • Psychologists set improvement goals. The actual trend is compared with graphs.
  • Teachers, psychologists, and parents can chat against an ABC record.
  • Generate graphs and progress reports with a few taps and export them to PDF.
  • Schools and Special Education experts get to subscribe and enroll users.


Approach from DreamzTech

The customer was to looking to develop a proof of concept and gather interest in the application before investing on a full-scale launch. They wanted the core application developed first and then develop the B2B model over it. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop a Progressive Web App for child behavior tracking and went on to develop a subscription model for schools. A marketing website was also developed.


Since the client already had the project vision in mind, Dreamztech Business Analysts developed project prototype and established a fixed budget and timeline with utmost efficiency. We suggested various monetization techniques that were included in the project.


In order to determine the technology platform, our SMEs took into consideration the client’s budget and marketing plan. We suggested PWA technology for core app development and various third party ready to use plugins for building subscription model and revenue channels.


DreamzTech followed Agile methodology for project delivery. The whole project was broken into several planned releases and each release was further broken into several sprints. The core features were developed as part of the first release to be demonstrated as POC.


DreamzTech designed and developed a PWA (Progressive Web App that is responsive to any device and behaves like a native app, complete with push notifications, in mobile devices. While the app helps teachers, parents, and psychologists take better care of specially-abled children, schools can also avail the facility with flexible subscription plans. Our client has earned from both subscriptions and Google AdMob advertisements.

Key Application Features

The application developed by DreamzTech is rich with features that help Special Educators take better care of children. Parents and Educators both have benefitted alike.

asset management system ABC TRACKING

Record and edit ABC data from anywhere at any time with just a few taps. Shared with all caretakers.

digital ad platform PROGRESS REPORTS

Generate printable progress reports with charts for any given period for students.

b2b travel portal INSTANT GRAPHING

The app generates frequency and duration graphs against ABC trends instantly.

automated oil change DATA COMPARISON

Compare behavioral data taken at school against data recorded at home. Share with the psychologist.

fleet management -asset management PSYCHOLOGIST ACCESS

Schools can associate psychologists with students so they can review and prescribe progress.

asset order manage COLLABORATION

Special Educators and Parents can communicate with each other over ABC records.

asset management system MARKETING WEBSITE

A single page polished marketing website for schools and special educators to sign up.

digital ad platform SUBSCRIPTIONS

Multiple subscription models to choose from for schools and individual educators.

b2b travel portal SCHOOL PORTAL

Schools admin gets access to the portal for managing teachers, psychologists, and students.

asset management system ADVERTISEMENTS

Google ads placed strategically in certain screens of the app does not distract but generates revenues.

digital ad platform USER GUIDES

Manageable guides placed at all screens of the app help new users to get accustomed.

b2b travel portal NOTIFICATIONS

Push notifications for received communications, reports and improvements.

Technology Overview





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