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Chatbot Solution

Our client runs a travel industry business around the world. They provide smart, social, simple and highly collaborative booking solutions to their customers. The client wanted to reduce the human interaction for booking and wanted a solution that will be able to guide the visitors in an interactive way with the least amount of customer executive support. Dreamztech has provided the client with a virtual customer support solution also known as a chatbot to address the problem. The solution is built by using AWS Lex support. Dreamztech is providing support to the client to date.

Business Problems

The client wanted a solution comprising the following qualities.

  • High cost on customer support for travel booking.
  • Difficulty to handle high volume support calls – leads to business loss.
  • On the go booking experience was not user friendly.
  • 24×7 and uniform standard of customer supports globally required.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • The chatbot reduced the need for human interaction hence less number of customer executives were required by the client.
  • Chatbot solution helps in self-booking that reduced the high volume support calls.
  • The chatbot solution guides the visitor with relevant information related to the visitor’s requirements on the go with an interactive UI.
  • The solution is built on artificial intelligence and works on its own that provides 24×7 uniform standard of customer support globally.

Approach from DreamzTech

The client wanted a virtual customer support solution to improve their collaborative platform for providing booking solutions. After proper analysis, planning and deployment DreamzTech provided the client with a fully functional and interactive chatbot solution that was able to replace the existing manual customer support system.

asset management system SCOPE

The business analyst engaged with the client stakeholders to understand their ideas & the features they wanted to implement. The architects from DreamzTech analyzed the problems and workflow was prepared after detailed discussions with the client.

digital ad platform PROJECT MANAGEMENT

After a detailed analysis of the project, architects analyzed the technologies to be used to build a virtual chat solution. The project was divided into different phases depending on priority business requirements after discussion with the client.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

Our dedicated team comprising Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for more than 3 months following Agile methodology for technology implementation. Due support was provided and continued to date.

Services We Provided


Implementation of the solution resulted in increased engagement of users. It also reduced the workload by reducing the need for customer care support by executives and hence reduced operation costs. Improved interactive chatbot solution ensured a better user experience resulting in improved sales. The seamless user interface attracted new customers with a better retention rate.

Key Application Features

The virtual customer support solution constitutes several Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

automated oil changeCustomer Greeting

The virtual assistant greets your customer personally when the chat window is opened by the customer. It also makes relevant greeting when the support ends.

fleet management -asset managementNatural Communication

The virtual assistant is capable of understanding and speaking in natural language (English) and communicates with customers like a pro.

asset order manage Simple Flow

The virtual assistant provides the customer with easy flowing one-step-at-a-time and single tap operations during the booking journey to reduce too much of typing for the customer.

automated oil changePayment Process

Users can complete the booking process by making the required payment through this platform.

fleet management -asset managementBooking Module Update

After a successful booking operation, it updates the main booking module with new booking information.

asset order manage Configuration Options

The Admin console enables the business owners to create and configure multiple bot agents and deploy them.

automated oil changeSupport Story Creation

The Admin user can create multiple storylines for the customers to get support for various issues and activities based on the business requirement.

fleet management -asset managementModification Option

Users can modify or correct the information they provide for a particular query to the chatbot before the final submission.

asset order manage Customizable UI

The solution provides a customizable user interface to the B2B client through which the client can choose the look and feel of the platform from multiple options.

automated oil changeMulti Tenant Option

The client can use the platform for multi-tenant as a B2B solution and the tenants can provide service to its clients as a B2C solution.

Technology Overview


Angular JS




Amazon Lex

AWS Lambda

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