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Case Study

DreamzTech has developed Casino Game Software and Gambling Platform for a South Africa Based Casino and Betting Gaming Startup

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The global gambling market reached a value of nearly $465.8 billion in 2020, and is foretasted to make a revenue of $674.7 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 7.7%, making exponential progress in the coming years. World gambling statistics show that around 26% of the population gamble. That means around 1.6 billion people worldwide gamble and 4.2 billion gamble at least once every year.

The client, a Casino and Betting Gaming startup, connected DreamzTech with a vision to develop a suite of Casino Game Software and Sports Gambling Software. These gambling and betting gaming solutions are to be deployed in gambling parlors, kiosk based casino setups along with an availability of online betting games to attract more and more betting enthusiasts.

DreamzTech’s casino game and sports betting game development team analyzed the client’s vision and requirements of the multi-platform gambling software, architected and developed a betting regulatory compliant unique suite of complex AI powered guessing game solutions, not only to provide an unmatched betting experience for the players in all the three modes of business operations but also meant to maximize the profitability of the client.

The derived complex AI based betting Odds management engine made sure to continuously train the system on the winning patterns and update the odd sets to maximize client profitability. The Gambling Software platform also got integrated with several gaming kiosks and supporting operational hardware to manage the end to end Casino and betting business operations. The solution was also implemented with the flexibility of multi-currency betting for easy expansion globally. The optimised business reporting solution of the system is able to generate accurate financial report by processing millions of transactions within few seconds.

With the custom built offline/online casino gaming and AI sports betting software solutions the client was able to take a leap forward right from the launch of the first gambling parlour and within a span of 1 year they are able to reach to a revenue of multi million dollars.

Key Challenges

  • To develop an uniform betting experience for users on gambling parlor, betting kiosk and online betting platforms
  • To create a dynamic and continuously improving betting odds management mechanism to maximize profitability
  • Managing thousands of set betting patterns to be picked for the betting randomly yet associate with an unique odd
  • Managing betting and winning amount within a multi usage prepaid token or voucher for a single participant
  • Managing cumulative performance of the games in multiple parlors simultaneously and with thousands of users playing the same game online simultaneously
  • Processing thousands of simultaneous betting and financial transactions happening at distributed geo locations and online together
  • Generating accurate business reports periodically and on demand in no time comprising of millions of transactions from distributed geo locations involving multiple countries and online participants
  • Last but not the least, making the gambling software and online betting platform compliant with regulatory requirements

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The Solution

DreamzTech sports betting software development team worked closely with the client to gather, understand and analyze their business model and vision. The team designed an AI powered game engine to manage the betting odds which also matched the regulatory compliance guideline of multiple countries to support business expansion further. The gambling software platform and casino game software also included more than 15 types of betting games developed from the scratch for parlor, Kiosk and online platforms. The custom built casino betting software solutions were also integrated with multiple 3rd party solutions to perform certain tasks such as online payment processors, Google APIs and also several operational and kiosk hardware to run the games, ticketing, results and betting odds display and cash drawers.

  • DreamzTech designed all intended betting games from scratch to be able to run in all the three modes of business operations
  • The operational aspects of the sports betting and gambling software such as ticketing, voucher, cash management, kiosk ticketing and winning token management integrating the related hardwares and payment gateway for online betting solution
  • The advanced and complex odd set management further improvised using artificial intelligence but also avoided Martingale Technique and Gambler’s Fallacy (Monte Carlo Fallacy).
  • The gambling software platform was made capable of running the betting on a live sports event by integrating live streaming option for the participants in parlour, kiosk and online.
  • The developed casino game software involved thousands of prerecorded sports event to bet on which are also associated with intelligently chosen predefined odd for every game.
  • The betting software platform also included a highly complex jackpot winning algorithm to maximize clients profitability
  • The easy to understand representation of betting odds helped the gamblers with a smooth betting experience both offline and online
  • The cashier system, kiosk based ticketing and offline ticketing helped to run the gambling parlours and also the integration of online payment gateways and wallets helped the online betting using web platform
  • All the required hardwares and softwares to run parlors and kiosks got integrated within the betting software platform
  • Finally, a heavily optimized financial reporting system was developed with the capability to process millions of transactions together and generating 100% accurate business reports for the clients and the franchises.
  • Technology:

    Microsoft .Net 4.5, WPF, SQL Server DB, Angular 7, Laravel, MongoDB, Azure Cloud

  • Tools:

    Google API, NMI Payment gateway, Stripe Payment Gateway


DreamzTech developed the comprehensive Casino and Gambling Software Platform to provide an attractive betting experience for the participants through Kiosk, online and gambling parlours, which also includes powerful business management admin portal for the client and franchises to run and support a well organized, data driven, sustainable and growth oriented casino and betting business within the highly competitive yet globally growing market.


Over 50K+ users successfully registered and engaged using the developed Gambling Software platform.


The AI powered betting odd set management algorithm, excellent user experience, availability of one stop betting and gambling services, and data-driven analytics geared up the revenue generation process


The flexibility of role based access permission, quick and easy deployment ability helped the client to onboard a good number of franchises within a short span of time


The transparency in financial transactions, excellent betting experience and betting ability in live events created huge enthusiasm within the participants which resulted in the exponential growth in business revenue for the client.


The intelligently implemented Jackpot winning algorithm helped the client to optimize jackpot winning percentage resulting in recurring savings on winning amounts.


Moreover, the flexibility of multi currency betting and coverage of country specific betting regulatory compliance helped the client to expand the business to multiple countries and continents.

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