Canada based restaurant and food delivery startup captures 6% more market share using full scale aggregator and food Delivery app

20% Reduction

In Maintenance Cost

40% Increase

In Sales

32% Improve

In Brand Presence

22% Increase

In Conversion Rate

27% Increase

In Customer Loyalty

40% Saving

In Employee Time

95% Satisfied

Customer Base

6% Higher

Market Share

About the Client


Canada based restaurant aggregator & delivery startup






Online food ordering & delivery

Project Overview — All in one restaurant aggregator and online food delivery app

When we first spoke to our client, he explained us his idea of an online food ordering and delivery business. But the major concern was with the existing players and food delivery apps or solutions already available in the market. However there was a huge demand though in the market as we understood that customers are always looking for a better user experience, ease of use, secured payment system and overall, more customised and yummy food offerings according to their tastes and preferences.

So our team at DreamzTech USA, listened to the client carefully and gathered their unplanned food business idea and started analyzing the architecture of the desired aggregator platform for their business model and target audience.

Our client was on the lookout for a fast, reliable and user-friendly food ordering and delivery system involving customers, restaurants and delivery riders for their restaurant aggregator and delivery business aiming to achieve a high growth within a shorter period of time by enhancing user engagement and making their business more relevant within the customer base.

We implemented and deployed the solution phase wise for them in a business centric manner. The solution allowed the client to launch a robust and efficient online food ordering & delivery platform which eventually established as an exponentially growing business.

The platform comes with an extensive business management portal for the client, both android and iOS apps for end customers, both android and iOS apps for delivery riders and also android and PWA apps for onboarded merchants.

All in one restaurant aggregator platform for extreme customer satisfaction

Food delivery businesses need to take extensive care of the hygiene factor for a better customer satisfaction. To ensure this, food delivery businesses need to have a seamless integration between all it’s departments, restaurants, outlets, delivery executives and customers. And this is not possible without a consolidated solution that could aggregate all of them under one platform.

Business problems

  • Customers prefer multiple restaurant options to choose from

    Customers need option when placing orders and today’s customers are way smart and looking to compare multiple outlets nearby right from their couch before they place final order.

  • Inefficient order management – a deal breaker

    When ordering from remote locations or from a far away restaurant, customers expect a fast, efficient order management and effective communication till fulfillment and beyond.

  • Achieving highly enthusiastic customer base

    It was really important to attract customers and shoot for high level of satisfaction and enthusiasm to keep the growth rate high.

  • Flexibility in commercial terms with different restaurants

    It was important to keep flexibility in commercial and contracting terms and conditions as per the market for different restaurants to grab increased market share.

  • Easy onboarding of merchants and efficient management

    Onboarding of merchants and new restaurants on the platform needed to be hassle free and the core business management for both parties needed to be as easy and efficient enough.

  • Real time business tracking

    The business figures, payments and schedules were very important to track real time to achieve extreme transparency even at a much larger scale.

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • Full scale online restaurant aggregator that covers all aspects of an online food delivery solution.
  • Introduction of 24/7 support operation to power our client’s business growth.
  • Fully digitised business operation ensure minimal manual intervention limiting cost overruns.
  • Seamless and easy to use food delivery app increases customer base that has a direct impact on the bottom line.
  • Loyalty program and loyalty points help retain customers and hence repeat business.

20 % Reduction

In Maintenance Cost

40 % Increase

In Sales

32 % Improve

In Brand Presence

22 % Increase

In Conversion Rate

27 % Increase

In Customer Loyalty

40 % Saving

In Employee Time

95 % Satisfied

Customer Base

6 % Higher

Market Share

Solutions provided by DreamzTech

Individual Apps for restaurants, customers and delivery executives

Interactive ordering and delivery apps both in android and ios were built for the restaurants, customers and delivery executives.

Mobile app based browsing and ordering

The customers are able to browse restaurants and items, add items to cart, place & track orders till fulfillment and beyond.

Admin portal to onboard merchants

The platform enables the the business admins to onboard and efficiently manage restaurants and related business processes.

Merchant app based operation management

Onboarded restaurants are able to manage their sales operations efficiently and can also track their performance and business figures real-time through the merchant app dashboard that helps them run their online business smoothly.

Flexible commercial setup for each restaurants

The business management portal allows flexible commercial terms to be setup for each onboarded merchant and the system keeps track of respective businesses.

Business tracking and payouts made easy

Integrated with highly secured payment system, the platform keeps a track of payouts to each of the business users and tracks all payment history.

Efficient Customer Management

Customer profiles along with each of the individual transactions, customer reviews, ratings and even complaints are tracked as actionable items.

Reward based loyalty points

Loyalty programs integrated with the delivery app rewards the customers on purchase from individual restaurants which can be redeemed in future orders .

Key Features

How DreamzTech helped and ensure end-to-end solution

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Onshore Business Analyst from DreamzTech interviewed stakeholders from client premises and gathered requirements for the project. They worked with offshore Business Analyst and Solution Architects for analyzing the business objectives as discussed with the client.

Project Planning and Execution

The dedicated team assigned to the project analyzed the objectives of the project and the probable solutions to determine technologies to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. We segregated the project into multiple phases with separate deadlines.

UAT and Deployment

Our team consisting of Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for over 6 months. The team delivered along with several new enhancements following Agile methodology for technology implementation with continued support.


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